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49ers setting up the Frank Gore cut. 2014

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If anything Frank Gore will be traded before cut. 9ers cutting their best back without getting something in return for him, is just not Baalke-like.
Originally posted by MarkD:
Are you ready for Frank to be cut next year??

just shut your face.
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Originally posted by susweel:
woah woah woah slow your roll there cheese tits.

Originally posted by MarkD:
Are you ready for Frank to be cut next year??

If his production drops they'll renegotiate his contract. No way he gets cut unless he pulls a Goldson
Gore plays one season in the new stadium
No way he gets cut. NO WAY
Frank will surprise all and retire after we win the SB this season.
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If Frank Gore wears any uniform other than a 49ers uniform, i will probably literally cry. that guy is by far my favorite 49er of all time, and it hurts to imagine him leaving the league without a ring, let alone on another team.
Originally posted by 49erRider:
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
this thread is f**king stupid

Unfortunately, it isn't. The 49ers are clearly looking at the future without Gore. Will he be cut after this year? I don't know, but the team will definitely be looking to replace him whenever his skills start to decline. I think he'll still be very productive and the downhill trend of 30-year-old RBs won't plague him... yet. However, his cap hit is high considering we have effective RBs behind him who are making nowhere near what he is. Add that to the needs of re-signing Kaep & Aldon and you'll see exactly why this thread isn't "f*cking stupid."

Marcus Lattimore will eventually take over as the work horse.

So you're guaranteeing that Lattimore is going to come in and start and be a perennial pro-bowler not to mention one of the best blocking backs in the league? All of this following a horrific injury. Gore isn't going anywhere in the next 2 years barring injury. You don't just cut the face of your franchise, the only person who made this team watchable for the better part of a decade.

Try not to post speculation without an idiom of truth.
Notice how the people who think Gore will be cut or traded can't offer a shred of proof in terms of actual performance? It's all pure theory and speculation. His high cap number and/or his age. If Gore is still going strong at 30, he'll be playing for us when he's 31.
Frank is a special back. He makes all of the football plays required of the position and at an elite level. His football IQ is top notch and his instincts are as well. There is no one on this roster that has shown they can be the next Gore. He should have been super bowl MVP if we would have just run the ball the last set of downs. We are not spending big at the position. If he continues his output he sticks and we redo his deal. Our coaches know that Gore's don't come around often. However there are other vets that get the axe
Originally posted by redrathman:
Originally posted by MarkD:
Gores cap number for next year people combined with his age. Writing might be on the wall. Don't forget who the team needs to sign next year and where we can save. We also have depth a running back.

Dude has a point. Gore is due $6,450,000 and he'll be 31. Unless he takes a pay cut, he'll be the odd man out in 2014. He's likely to share carries this year with Hunter and James.

LOL.....Seriously? "share" carries? if you mean the same percentage as last season your correct, anything more is laughable. Was i the only one that saw what a beast he was in the playoffs? 319 yards, 5.1 average, 4 TD's and 2 receptions for 48 yards. Guy was a f**king beast. Had we fed him the football at the goalline he would already have his ring.

Frank still has a ton left in the tank, baring injury.
Originally posted by shaneblonien:
If he takes a huge step down in ability then for sure I could see it. If he's still great by then it would be tough to cut him, but they didn't sign Lattimore to eat popcorn and watch the games from the sideline.

If anyone is getting cut from the backfield to get Lattimore in it is Dixon before Gore.
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