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Anyone else worried...

Worried, heck no.

All im saying is, we beat them two times last year, with two dif QB's. We should win this one too.
They're in our motherf**king house, and like the playoff game, our house will be packed with 49ers fans (more-so than traveling Packers fans), it'll be a toxic environment for Mr. Rodgers once again.

-Their D didn't get any better, nor did their o-line, we're dealing with a Packers team that I foresee (finally) missing the playoffs due to lack of creative off-season recruiting, Rodgers won't be enough for them this time to glue it all together. It's gonna be another blowout, the Pack will be trying to cover Kaep's running lanes, but this time Kaep will destroy their mediocre backfield with his improved/matured throwing/pocket skills.
I'd be worried and nervous the week leading up to the game. Once I see the boys run out in that 49er uniform and knowing that its the last time a NFL season will start at The Stick . . . . . . the only feeling I have is for the 49ers to destroy GB.
Not really. I am a little curious to see how our rushing defense looks with the new players, as well as the Packers rushing offense with their new players Franklin and Lacy. We'll see, but we're at home this time.
HA! No way. We own them.
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I'm sure their coaches have spent a lot of time watching Kaepernick shred them but we'll see if they can do anything about it
My only concern is that some may look pass this game and think about week 2.
Always worried...but that's because they're a great team.

I still believe we will win.
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I worry about every game.
Remember favre's 19-1 run on us, it's about to come full circle on their cheese ass. They won't beat us for a long time. Booooooook it!

Folks, we are on another level from the rest of the NFL so buckle in, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, sit back and enjoy Dynasty #2

No need to worry!
You can't take any team with Aaron Rodgers behind center lightly and I'm sure the Niners know that. But, there's no reason why the Niners can't start off with a win. Honestly, I think they're getting two very tough teams in the best possible circumstances. Not only do they start with the Packers at home, but they play their CLink game in mid-September - good weather, healthy pass rushers, fresh players all around. If the Niners start off 2-0 against the Pack and the Seahawks in Seattle, it's going to send a huge statement league-wide.
Originally posted by shaneblonien:
Niners are more talented right now than they were at this point last season. Packers are arguably worse without Jennings. And they're moving Bulaga to the left side, who knows how that ends up. Sure you can argue their running game is better but Niners are better in the trenches (barring injury) with Haralson, Carradine, Lomonier and hopefully Okoye

how could you argue their running game is better lol?
I'm going to this game! Already making plans to spend the weekend in SF!
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