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Anyone else worried...

Of course not.
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Matthew 6-34....So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today..... lol....Nope not at all
Why should we?
  • cciowa
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i worry more about the rams then I do the packers. conference games are more important and for whatever reason,, we have some sort of a mental block against the rams. two losses to them last year is not acceptable. Yes i know what the score of the first game was
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Originally posted by valrod33:
Aaron Rodgers will not lose to us 3 times in a row

why. i know some people think he walks on water but as we and they found out last year,, the game between us and them boils down to a helluva lot more than rogers
Not that worried when we got home field advantage. Then again, I'm always a bit nervous about every game.
Rodgers played a pretty great game against us in the 1st half last year (in person, it felt like he was dropping dimes all over the field), and we were still up 24-21. We figured out their blocking schemes in the 2nd half and our offense just bruised the GB D in half 2.

They need a complete team effort on the road on opening day to beat us. I'm not sure they have the bodies on D to do it. Their brigade of 6-2/250 defenders is just a bad match-up for our run blocking. Hell, our QB almost weighs that much.
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why? it's just gonna be this all over again

Originally posted by boast:
why? it's just gonna be this all over again

Are you the guy on the left?
Not really. Not saying we'll beat him all the time but it's looking like we have Rodgers' number. Kind of like how Favre used to always find a way against us in the 90's.

You can bet Dom will make adjustments. Still having nightmares of Kaep running past his defenders on that 56 yard run.

We'll have plays they have never seen before.
Originally posted by ApatheticIAm:
I'm going to be realistic and admit that I am worried about the Packers. They will be gunning for us this season after we dismantled them twice last season. Don't forget that they still have Aaron Rodgers as QB and he will always keep them in the game. No two seasons are alike, so for people to say the result will be the same as last year is just plain silly. So many things change...Kaep can slump/kaep can be even better/49ers defense falls off/injuries/Packers get better/Packers D gets better. Just because they didn't do much to bolster their defense this year, it still can get better. Crazy sh*t happens in the NFL all the time.

You could say the same thing about them starting in '95, dismantling us year after year after year.

Our only break was a non call on Rice's fumble and a miracle catch by T.O.

Think about that for a second.

Roles are reversed. No sympathy for them.

Don't forget the Giants smashed them this year despite an off year. The Seahawks should have beat them decisively if Russell wasn't so green.
Green Bay needs one of two things to be legit:

a) Much stronger defense
b) Much stronger running game
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
The jinx has been reversed. They're the ones that should be worrying.

Originally posted by valrod33:
Aaron Rodgers will not lose to us 3 times in a row

Oh yes he will. The Packers will still struggle to run the ball, and will continue to field a weak D.

He can't win it all by himself.
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