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Anyone else worried...

I'm just worried that the league will do the Terrell Suggs cheap shots everytime on the read option on Kap..
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
The jinx has been reversed. They're the ones that should be worrying.

This. We are to the Packers what they used to be to us 15-20 yrs ago.
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Naw, I'm a heck of a lot worried about our divisional games. Especially the Seacocks.
Its week one. Anyone who gets worried about a week one game, win or lose, probably should take a break from watching the sport.

But no, not worried in the slightest. GB does not match up well against the 49ers.
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Yes, I'm a quite worried! Culliver might think the fudge packers are really just gay, then say something uncalled for to the media before the game... making the score closer than it should be, -- SF 34, GB 23
Hell no. I'm not scared of any team, especially not scared of the Packers. We owned them twice last year. We're a bad matchup for them. Too physical in the trenches.
Niners are more talented right now than they were at this point last season. Packers are arguably worse without Jennings. And they're moving Bulaga to the left side, who knows how that ends up. Sure you can argue their running game is better but Niners are better in the trenches (barring injury) with Haralson, Carradine, Lomonier and hopefully Okoye
I'm confident in our team,but the Packers had a very good draft and will be tough customers again this year. Lacy/Franklin=upgraded backfield, Datone Jones= extremely nice add to their DL.
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I'm going to be realistic and admit that I am worried about the Packers. They will be gunning for us this season after we dismantled them twice last season. Don't forget that they still have Aaron Rodgers as QB and he will always keep them in the game. No two seasons are alike, so for people to say the result will be the same as last year is just plain silly. So many things change...Kaep can slump/kaep can be even better/49ers defense falls off/injuries/Packers get better/Packers D gets better. Just because they didn't do much to bolster their defense this year, it still can get better. Crazy sh*t happens in the NFL all the time.

Originally posted by Amir:
im not worried about any team in the league now that we have Kaepernick as QB.

Yeah i kind of feel the same way now...just a bit worried we might be thinking too much about the seahags game
I'm worried every week. But that's just me.
Originally posted by HALCIONDAZE:
I'm worried every week. But that's just me.

lol i feel ya bro
Kaep broke records on that a55 and made the entire defense his bit*h. Their coaches seeked help from college because of what we did to them (Kaep), I'm "worried" that ain't gonna help
I feel like we are going to be a better team than we were last year, and the Packers will be a worse team than they were last year.
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