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Does Aldon Smith NEED Justin Smith to succeed?

Does Aldon Smith NEED Justin Smith to succeed?

No one even had more than 8 sacks since Justin's been here before Aldon came in.

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Originally posted by sixbricks:

cool bro and excellent timing to homage a great film artist, Ray Harryhausen
Originally posted by fropwns:
Welp, I thought I was being original.

Just because I was first doesn't mean you aren't original...great minds on parallel tracks!
Answer to ques NO. But BOTH guys were injured, and sacks fell off. When BOTH guys were healthy, sacks were up. If both guys go into season healthy, look for sacks to go up. Bad news would be one or the other of the Smith brothers remains injured once season starts. I hope both of them sit out if they aren't 100%. They both are pretty tough tho, so I would suspect both practicing even if they weren't 100%.
Everyone on the line must do their part. Not a one man show
LOVE the homage to the GREAT Ray Harryhausen.

He needs a high pressure DLine.

IMO, Dobbs and Tuk never created any as backups and our draft strategy was a clear indication that they weren't the answer.
i say no
reason is......if you guys watch the games....once the league kept saying how he was going to be breaking the sack record......i notice every snap that he practically took seems like....the takle or anyone blocking him would go straight for his legs so he has to put his hands down to protect himself.....kind of a girl move but o well....he'll beat alot of offensive linemen one on you seen on his highlights of him.....but when you take the cheaper shots like he's been taking......makes it harder....he'll learn moves around it.....evolution baby.....its a beautiful thing to learn to adapt.....aldon gots this :)
Remember guys he's only what 22
I'm glad someone has pointed this out, but I say it again. We now know that Aldon Smith was injured. It obviously doesn't hurt to have Justin Smith next to you if you're trying to get a sack, but I think he gets sacks by himself when he's healthy.
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Originally posted by gunslinger8:
We all know how Aldon's sacks disappeared once Cowboy was injured. However, Aldon himself was fighting through injuries late in the season. If he is indeed one of the premier pass rushers in the league, he should be able to pressure the QB regardless of whether it is Cowboy, Ray, Tank or Dorsey with his hand in the ground. Demarcus Ware has WHO in front of him? Von Miller? Suggs? Right....

This might be the last remaining vestiages of the ridiculous notion that Aldon Smith was a reach.

Before Aldon arrived who was getting all the sacks made possible by Justin Smith.

Justin Smith arrived in SF in 2008. Since his arrival five years ago, Justin has had 32 sacks. Look at the sacks by linebackers since Justin's arrival.

2012—Aldon Smith 19.5 sacks, Brooks 6.5 sacks, Bowman 2 sacks, Willis 0.5 sacks

2011—Aldon Smith 14 sacks, Brooks 7 sacks, Willis 2 sacks, Bowman 2 sacks, Haralson 2 sacks,

2010— Willis 6 sacks, Brooks 5 sacks, LaBoy 5 sacks, Haralson 4 sacks, Lawson 2.5 sacks,

2009—Lawson 6.5 sacks, Brooks 6 sacks, Takeo Spikes 4 sacks, Willis 4 sacks

2008-- Haralson 8 sacks, Lawson 3 sacks, Roderick Green 3.5 sacks, Willis 1 sack, Banta-Cain 0.5 sacks

i guess people forget he was dealing with a shoulder injury and got surgery right after the season
Originally posted by Godsleftsock:
How come Parys Haralson never had 19.5 sacks lining up next to Justin Smith?

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Aldon needs to be healthy to succeed

Thanks to Buck for the numbers! Those numbers should put and end to any notion that Aldon Smith was a reach. 33.5 sacks in two years?! Incredible.
I've heard this "Aldon is nothing without Justin Smith" b******t so much and I'm getting pretty tired of it.

So you're telling me that having the most sacks after his first two years of any NFL player in history is solely the result of one player? If so Justin Smith has to be the greatest player of all time case closed.
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