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Does Aldon Smith NEED Justin Smith to succeed?

Does Aldon Smith NEED Justin Smith to succeed?

Aldon Smith needs a healthy labrum to succeed, as does every one, ever.
No, he needs a healthy labrum to succeed.
The answer is in OP's initial post. BOTH Justin and Aldon were injured. If only one was battling injuries, the drop off wouldn't have been nearly as significant.

Aldon doesn't need Justin Smith to be successful. It certainly helps, but all he needs is his own health (first and foremost) and a healthy defensive end playing in front of him.

That's it.
Originally posted by Hoovtrain:
No, he needs a healthy labrum to succeed.

I voted yes, but not because it has to be Cowboy, it just has to be SOMEONE else getting pressure or causing disruption. We are very lucky to have Justin on this team and getting another DLine player to perform at his level is crucial. Aldon will produce regardless eventually, but having a little help up front makes not just Aldon better but everyone else too. It is a chain reaction that without really exposed the secondary. Teams were having TV remote throwing success against the Niners at the end of the season and in the playoffs.

This is why having a QB like Kaep was imperative to Niner success. He was able to produce enough points to win with a lesser than 100% Cowboy. If ATL only has to make a FG instead of a TD in that NFCC game, it would have been a pretty frustrating off season. Getting it all together at the same time will be HUGE for 2013.
Vague question.

Are you asking if Aldon Smith needs Justin Smith to succeed?
- As in, Aldon: "Justin, if you don't succeed, I don't know what I'll do." Justin: "Okay. I'll succeed for you, man."

Or if Aldon Smith needs Justin Smith in order for Aldon Smith to succeed?
- As in, Aldon: "Justin, I can't succeed without you." Justin: "Okay, I'll try to be around so you can succeed."

Who is the person theoretically succeeding here?

Wonder how the pass rush will fare with cowboy/Aldon on one side and Tank on the other, maybe standing up on the side of Ray Mac..could be..impressive -
Ask Gabe Carimi and Jonathan Martin if he can win one on one matchups.
no but it helps...Aldon has shown he is very capable of winning one on one match up and on occasion one onto match ups when healthy... when Justin went down aldon was constantly double teamed and i dont care who you are your not going to get a ton of sacks when you are taking on 2 blockers ( why do you thinkJustin himself doesnt get 10 sacks a year) Aldon is talented enough to beat double teams still on occasion but apparently not when he has an injured shoulder. For 10 sack season dont give him a Dlinemen that the defense has to double he will still get 10 or so when healthy but wont come close to 20 again unless we have Justin (or a linemen similar to Justin) who requires double team and takes some of the double teams off of aldon.
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No, he needs to be healthy. He had Justin back for the playoffs and still didn't get a sack.

Originally posted by KegBert:
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Aldon needs to be healthy to succeed


it was a combination of Cowboy being hurt , Aldon being hurt , and the entire first string defense playing too many snaps ...that wont be the case this year
Who got 19 sacks before Aldon arrived playing alongside Justin Smith?
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Aldon needs to be healthy to succeed

Bingo. Aldon being hurt was the most under-appreciated, under-discussed factor in the 49ers defense softening after the Patriots game.
it is a team sport...
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