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players surgery

OP should be banned and this thread should be blown up.
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Originally posted by kratzer14:
It just seems every year theirs a group of players that has to get surgery right before they have to go to work, are they taking a vacation and think to themselves, I'll wait and get surgery on the teams time. I would want my players to take care of these things early in the offseason.

Surgery and rehabilitation=fun and relaxation. Hmm, no, I do not think quite makes it as vacation time.

I blew out my back. I did not have surgery, but the physical therapy was hardly a vacation.
I'm assuming this is about Iupati. All we know is that he had off-season surgery. Nobody knows when he had it. I doubt he waited until 3 days before OTA's. Sometimes guys do wait to have surgery if the rehab requires muscle strengthening beforehand.
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