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Do you believe in three times a charm?

Do you believe in three times a charm?

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I sure as hell hope so. As heartbreaking as last year's SB loss was, the 49ers were very lucky to get there in the first place. To me, 2012's team was more explosive but FAR more mercurial than 2011. I really think 2011 was more their year to win it all than 2012 was. Think about it...

  • They had to depend on GB losing to MIN in the final week to lock up the 2nd seed, which was very lucky.
  • They were lucky to beat GB with the terrible defensive effort in that game, relying solely on Kaep's magic to pull them through.
  • They were lucky to beat the Falcons, putting themselves in a 17 point hole on the road and depending on NaVorro Bowman and a questionable non-PI call to seal the deal
  • Luck ran out in the Super Bowl, once again putting themselves in a hole too deep to dig out of this time.

Despite all of that, they still got within 5 yards of a sixth trophy. With health hopefully on their side, added talent, and Kaep in year 2; they should right the ship and get back to their consistency of 2011. Only this time, they should be far more dominant
The same could be said about many teams. Namely the NY Giants.

Well yeah, but f**k eli babyface manning

He looks downsy, thats all im saying

and his brother peanut looks like an equine mongoloid
dude, i can just feel it. we are so f**king irate. Pending any injuries, this is our year. Let it roll.

I believe we should have won against the Giants and gone on and won against the Pats.

I believe we should have won against the Ravens in the last SB.

I believe we should make it back to the SB and win.

There is nothing else.
We lost NFCC game on inexperience at HC, when Coach H didn't take a lesson from Coughlin, who had all his PR stay away from the kick or make a fair catch in the mud, wind, and rain. Had JH done that, I feel we would have beaten them.
Season 2: 2nd and goal on the 5 yd line with a minute and a half to go and Coach H nor roman have a guaranteed play for the score. No idea. That is nutty, for a guy as smart as Harbaugh. I bet anything he NOW has written down a list of things to do at end of game under a myriad of different circumstances. Coach Walsh had been thru everything when he became our HC. JH is struggled with those heartbreak moments for two yrs now, while being an extraordinary coach the rest of the yr. I just don't see him facing a last minute situation this yr that he hasn't already been thru in his mind, and so I think we win it all on a seasoned HC plus a better team talentwise. It is hard to believe this is a better team talentwise than last yr, but it is.

Our problem will be everybody and his uncle will play us tough this yr. Once we get into playoffs, I expect JH to be a much better coach than he has been in last two games of season 1 AND 2.
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