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49ers sign G Adam Synder (2 year deal)...

Is he the swing tackle?
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Always liked Snyder, great depth!
Snyder wasn't bad at all and I remember quite a few people here who were upset when he left. And even more upset when we started Boone.

he became a Cardinal and all of a sudden everyone thought he stunk. Crazy.
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Lulz. Can't wait to see the contract terms.

I'd say he's an upgrade over Leonard Davis at least.

Cardinals are full of fail.
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okay just saw that he was the fourth worst guard when he was the starter? Wtf? I don't remember him being that bad. Maybe I was just comparing him to Rachal the whole time?
He always stunk. At tackle he was the very worst. At guard, he was only horrible. The Niners didn't keep him, he went to the OL-poor Cardinals and they didn't keep him. Bad penny. If he stays on the roster, who would you want to cut? Looney, Kilgore?
Now we have two swing tackles that can play both guard spots. Boone and Snyder. Talk about depth
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Originally posted by mayo49:

I think Looney and Kilgore's spots are fine. I think he sends the two swing tackles we picked via 7th rd and UDFA to the pracitce squad if they clear waivers
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Mike Sando, ‏@espn_nfcwest

Perspective as Adam Snyder, 49ers reunite
@ Paul Hofer

Tell us how you really feel about him. Don't hold back. Do you think he's good?
He's just a versatile guy. He's going to fill multiple back up jobs and with superior oline talent around him he won't look as bad as he was in Arizona or when he was here a few years ago. I have no problem seeing this guy come back to his friends and the place he loves to help the team. Good back up. Glad.
He's probably better than Bykowski will ever be. Can't imagine it's much more than the vet minimum.
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