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No whispers from rookie camp yet?

Originally posted by KegBert:
Love this stuff.

It's cool that they actually let the media watch the whole practice, we get a lot more info out of the beat writers that way and I will be greedily reading every word of it.

Minnesota product MarQueis Gray showed enticing athleticism, but he had an ugly drop as a receiver across the middle.

Delanie Walker is back!
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Originally posted by Thechad49:
Actually the more i see jacobs I would compare to a santonio Holmes type.

Originally posted by Thechad49:
I really like what I've seen from Chuck Jacobs.. We should all get to know this guy..he almost reminds me of a Brandon Lloyd kind of guy maybe with alittle more speed..all this talk about the rookies is getting me pumped up!!! I hope Okoye can translate his freaky strength to the field!!

How have you seen him? Are you at the practices?

From some tape I've seen of I wish I could see the practices..I'm just saying don't be surprised if we put him on the practice squad.
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"Cornerback Darryl Morris (Texas State) had great coverage of a deep route against fourth-round draft pick Quinton Patton during one-on-one drills. Morris also picked off a Montana pass intended for Greg Wilson of Fordham."
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Okoye apparently is super strong and super atheltic. Read this :

Will Lawrence Okoye become a productive NFL defensive lineman?

I don't know. But it's going to be fun watching the 6-foot-6, 304-pounder try.

During today's afternoon practice, which was open to the media, Okoye wowed those in attendance near the end of the two-hour session.

First, the 49ers did "box-jump drills," which required players to:

1. Jump from a standing position onto a raised platform about two feet off the ground.

2. In one fluid motion, launch themselves skyward from the platform and fall, on their rears, onto a large padded mat.

Okoye, the British record holder in the discus whose Olympic training partly explains his tree-trunk thighs, was the gold medalist in the Box Jump.

At one point, after Okoye again soared – and soared – off the platform, sidelined draft picks Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial looked at each other, smiled and shook their heads in wonder.

The 49ers finished practice with medicine-ball throws. And can you guess who is a gold medalist in this event?

You're right!

The 49ers paired up and threw medicine balls, granny style, over their heads to a teammate positioned 20 yards away. Okoye was paired with undrafted rookie center Sherman Carter, whose medicine-ball throws went, on average, about eight yards. Meanwhile, Okoye's missiles went about 17 yards, with Carter typically catching his throws on one hop.

The silver medalist in The Medicine Ball Throw?

No idea. I was too transfixed by Okoye.
Originally posted by Thechad49:
From some tape I've seen of I wish I could see the practices..I'm just saying don't be surprised if we put him on the practice squad.

Aw shucks I thought we may have someone on this board there. There's very little tape of him, but from what I've read I agree, he has athleticism that may be worth developing on the ps
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Corey Lemonier

Eric Reid


Quinton Patton

i thought that was alex smith #11 not used to seeing some one else.wearing #11 lol
What I would love see happen.

Reid start from day 1
Tank learn from Justin and play right away in reflief of Justin
Lemonier plays on STs and gets OLB reps
Patton and Jenkins gets time at WR
Lattimore takes the yr off
Qial is the 6th DL
Okoye is our 7th DL, inactive on game days while he learns the spot.
Marquardt is on PUP to start
Byowski is the 8th or 9th OL, keep 9(Davis, Staley, Goodwin, Kilgore, Looney, Snyder, Iupati, Boone and Bykowski)
Gray makes the team over either Dixon or Celek as STer.

CB wise, let the best men win, I am torn. Morris looks like a beast, and Cooper is a gem IMO. So I hope both make it, keep 6, cut Brock and either Nnamdi or Cox.

Thats about it.
Also does anyone know rookie jersey numbers? Besdes draftees, and Okoye(78) and Gray(46)?
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Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Also does anyone know rookie jersey numbers? Besdes draftees, and Okoye(78) and Gray(46)?

Debniak is 44

Montana is 6

That's all I remember off the top of my head.
"The 6-foot-3, 255-pound SEC product played as a defensive end in college. With the 49ers, he'll make the transition to outside linebacker. Leavitt, the upbeat instructor, will be instrumental in helping Lemonier's conversion. So will defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who personally works with the outside linebackers during individual periods of 49ers practice."

Fangio gets hands-on with Lemonier. ProBowler in 2 years. Book it!

Thanks guys for the updates, Maiocco retweeted me back his link. He has numbers for all rooks and tryout players.
Where's the day 2 updates!!!

I need my fix maaaaaaan!!
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First-round pick, safety Eric Reid, covered second-rounder, tight end Vance McDonald, often. Reid knocked away one throw, and McDonald beat him deep once. On two other throws, McDonald got loose, but he dropped the passes.

We all hope he replaces Walker but he is dropping the ball just like his predecessor.
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