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Off-Season Post #2: Thoughts immediately after the draft (plus draft video)...

Can someone please share how long we have Baalke locked up for? I seem to remember him signing an extension last year or the year before. Thanks.
Originally posted by 49erMike:
Can someone please share how long we have Baalke locked up for? I seem to remember him signing an extension last year or the year before. Thanks.

Baalke signed a 3-year extension in February 2012. He is locked up through the 2016 season.
Thanks Marvin. Great post, great vids.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Baalke signed a 3-year extension in February 2012. He is locked up through the 2016 season.

Give Baalke all of the money, and keep him here forever.
tb must have plans to resign a cb or two. i have to believe rogers will be too pricey. maybe they are working on something for brown?

sort of the same situation at wr. i also believe crabs won't be back. but perhaps manningham will be content with a medium range extension and patton surprises?
Great post as always Marv!
You nee to fix the title:

The Marvthoritah Report

Other than that, as always .....

Thanks, Marvin. Long arms indeed! One point that is beyond the scope of your topic is that the 9ers now have superb coaches so that they get the most out of their draftees. This wasn't the case a decade ago. Can' t wait to see what Rathman does with Lattimore. And Tomsula with the Nigerian discus thrower who has not even played football! They not only look for long arms but draft for smarts. Reid is an academic all-American and anyone from Rice is super bright.
Good post. We have a great system and FO. If someone doesn't like it they can go be a Dallas fan, a team who trades back and picks a 3rd round center.
good stuff Marv as usual you the man.

just wonna say I think we had a TREMENDOUS draft.

I actually enjoyed reading this post.. and I don't think I need to even wonder why. Liked!
Thanks for the videos. I watch them every year. Nice to have both networks and all the pick announcements together. Thanks Marvin.
Great analysis Marvin49 as usual! Love the off season posts. Keep them coming!

Reid - Can't doubt Harbaugh's knowledge and history with this kid. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he was available after the Saints picked Vaccaro. I think he may have worried he was going to lose him to his home state once again. I can't wait to see this kid on the field. What I loved the most is even though there was some great D-Linemen available we drafted who needs to play the most snaps at position of need.
Caradine - Can't believe we got both of what we wanted. FS and DE replacement in the future for Smith. He will rotate in when healthy can contribute right away. Kid is a beast and has room to add weight to his large frame. Another player I can't weight to hit the field when healthy.
McDonald - Knew nothing about the kid when drafted. I scratched my head as I thought it would be Kelce after Ertz and Escobar went ahead of us. I love the pick more and more after getting to learn more about him. Athletic, strong, smart, and big! He can be our red zone threat once he learns to throw his weight around. Played too much of finesse game at Rice with being in the slot. He will sit in on many O-Linemen meetings and once this kid picks up blocking, we will have one of the best dual TE games in the NFL!
Lemonier - Another kid I knew ZERO about until reading and watching more clips after. He wasn't connected and I didn't see this coming. Value pick and can be a great rotator of Brooks or Smith on passing downs. Will be used similar to Caradine his first year. Big, strong, smart kid who does things right when rushing the passer.
Patton - I really like this pick after learning more about him as well. Had a great senior bowl showing and our GM happened to be at his biggest game this year against Texas A&M. I love how we fly under the radar on picks high on our board. I think this kid will also contribute right away. He has size, weight, hands in getting off the LOS and catching the ball. I think he would be great in the slot as he looks to have a great feel for the field off the snap. That is very important at the next level as defenses get pretty complex. He will need to develop a little coming from a JUCO, but his stats in two years are pretty impressive.
Lattimore - He has been liked to us simply because our future need to replace Gore at some point. He doesn't need to do it this year and coincidentally may not be able to contribute this year or threaten Gore's place on this team in 2013 because of injury rehab. Can't actually believe we could have grabbed the best RB in the draft and how can you not like the kid knowing his story. Feel bad seeing him on the cart going off the field against Tennessee. He is just balling and you can see it under his towel. I would have pulled for this kid no matter where he landed (except for any other NFC West team). Happy I can route harder for his rehab and getting in the mix!

The rest is a blur of special team players and possible August cuts. I think our secondary plays better this year, simply because we get to the passer more with speed, strength and fresh bodies rotating on the field. Quality draft with so much influx of youth to replace older players eventually and more importantly we addressed needs. I love the size of the players along with the "long arm' stature. I think these young players also come in knowing how strong our roster is and the family environment our organization stresses. It's like being born into money..... success is almost guaranteed if they do their part and work hard to be better. I can't wait for training camp!!
Really appreciate listening to the commentary on draft day. Agree with your analysis.

Really looking forward to seeing Reid, Carradine, McDonald, Lemonier, Patton, and Moody in the preseason!

Baalke really hit it out of the park on this draft!
Great stuff as always Marv.
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