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2013 Projected Depth Chart
I think they got a bit muddled with some players on D (Tank/Dorsey), but not a bad link - thanks
More like:

Base 3-4:
Starters: DE Smith, NT Dorsey, DE McDonald, OLB Smith, ILB Bowman, ILB Willis, OLB Brooks
Rotation: DE Carradine, NT Williams, OLB Haralson, OLB Lemonier, OLB Johnson

Nickel 4-2:
Starters: DE Smith, DT Smith, DT McDonald, DE Brooks, ILB Bowman, ILB Willis
Rotation: DT Dorsey, DE Carradine
That list is all jacked up
We have a great looking DL depth now.

McDonald and Justin start at DE, Dorsey at NT, Carradine and Ian Williams are main backups, Lemonier is a OLB with Aldon and Brooks, Haralson. I think our front 7 is deep. Not to mention if Dobbs or Tukuafu make it.
Lot of talent there, good mix of experience and youth, even if a couple of guys pan out, it leads to what might be the best pass rush around.
So good to see us infuse the defense with youth and speed. Carradine was a huge pickup and will take over for JSmith eventually but provide great depth in the meantime. Lemonier probably takes Haralson's spot down the road but again, gives us another body to throw out there. Dial can be brought along as a rotational DE in the 3-4...tremendous size and wingspan there.

I would've liked to have seen us grab another DB somewhere in there, but no real complaints.
I absolutely love the Dial pick. He's here to stay I felt he was extremely underrated as a part of that Bama d.
I wish Dial was quicker off the ball and more of a pass rusher threat. But I also hope Justin Smith tutors on him doing the little things that allow others to get the sacks. Dial's already very good against the run, so he fits right in as a 3-4 DE.
Left off Moody. Should be listed behind or ahead of Wilhoite

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