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Originally posted by Donnies49ers:
I don't buy into that. Madden has nothing to do with it. If we can't pass the ball we won't be able to run. We have two wr's coming off injury and a bunch of unproven ones.
Boldin and Vernon are all we have going into the season.

and Jenkins....and Patton....and McDonald. Talent is talent and the 49ers have plenty of it. Every guy is "unproven" and a "question mark"...before they aren't. Victor Cruz had 3 games under his belt, and zero receptions entering his 2nd season where he went off for 1500 yards. Both Jenkins and Patton have tremendous potential, I really don't see the need to worry or pick through whatever aging trash is left in the free agent pool.
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Brandon Lloyd
Originally posted by NJNiner:
Brandon Lloyd

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Originally posted by Jcool:
A.J. Green for our 3rd rounder.

I don't get all the panic. The Ravens won the Superbowl with Boldin as their number 1 and they don't have half the running game that we have. Our QB's ran for 550 yards last year and Kap will probably get at least 700 this year. I think we all know VD can get 800+ yards. Our defense should be better with the increased health and depth. On top of all that, our special teams should be back to the top of the league again.

Our team should look a lot like the 2011 team + Kap.

No need to panic guys.
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Sorry if this has been brought up before

I understand we traded two OlB who could have been cut and instead got two 7th rd picks.. I honestly was not a big fan because even if we trade all 4 7th rd pick we have, it will only trade us up to 6th rd or only move us up few spots in second rd

My question is, given Baalke's track record for being a good negotiator and GM who takes advantage of others, is it possible he made same trade as the one he did with alex to KC (2nd rd or 3rd depending where KC record at end of year is). Remember NO was dying for help at OLB after all their injuries, and Indy has to replace Freeney and needed backup.
SF or their trade partner teams have not come out announcing the exact detail of the trades, and Alex Smith's was long thought to be 3rd round until Peter King announced several weeks later the true specifics of the trade.

I will be rooting for Parys and Cam meanwhile and hope that it was a trade that was performance based, that way atleast we could get a 5 or 6th rd. thoughts?
No, that's not possible. We're only getting 7th rounders for them, end of story. You don't get mid-round picks for backup linebackers.

And it didn't take "several weeks" for the details of the trade to come out. Within hours of Smith being traded we know we were getting a second + an additional conditional pick in '14.
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IF this is the case, I can see it happening more so with the Parys Haralson trade than the Cam Johnson played. For all the "potential" Cam Johnson showed, it was a very small sample size and he has yet to play many meaningful snaps in the NFL. We drafted him in the 7th and traded him for a 7th. It's a pretty fair deal. Most teams wouldn't get anything for a 7th round pick that hasn't played much. Parys on the other hand is a former starter and has produced at the NFL level for a couple of seasons. It would be great if we got a performance based trade with him and it would be much more likely that New Orleans would be willing to do so.

BTW, who are the other linebackers in New Orleans besides Vilma?
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Thats the thing, vilma out, will smith out.. Even their backups like galette who only played few games so far is out first few weeks. Parys is fheir most talented and *only reliable* OLB. I highly think it was conditionl because outside of Barrows, i did not hear anything about the trade. I dont trust 9ers organization who hide many things and keep us all in the dark. Ex. Who knew about Aldons torn labrum last year?

Re: theduke 85, i meant to say that it was believed to be 3rd for the conditional but few weeks later peter king announced the true value of trade.
Didn't we get Boldin for a 7th?

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Nope.. It was a 6th... But there were three main motives
1. Harbaugh connection
2. Ravens cutting salaries (6 million owed to boldin) and wanting to bring speed to their game
3. Did not want boldin in AFC

So i dont know why people compare our trades with the anquan trade
Originally posted by 9ersnation:
Didn't we get Boldin for a 7th?

Think it was a 6th.

Back to the OP. Everyone likely knew these guys were going to be gone anyways, may as well get something for them, even if its not much, better than nothing. Better to trade them out of the division for very little than to see the Rams or Hawks grab them, I dont want Pete or Jeff picking up our D.
The trade market is a very volatile market. A players value increases and diminishes within a matter of days. The reason we didnt get much draft revenue is likely due to the teams we were trading with ready to just scour the waiver wire for players they think could fit. Would a player at the talent level of Haralson be available, no but a guy like Johnson would of been there a week later. Getting ANYTHING for a player that the consensus of the league has determined would be cut is remarkable. Is Haralson better than Lemonier now, sure but the rookies potential stood out on film and Skuta was playing just as well as Haralson.
A 7th rounder is the going rate for a player that the team can release without incurring significant, ongoing salary obligations. The ONLY reason they even net a 7th rounder is because the team acquiring that player wants to secure his rights before he hits waivers. A 7th round pick is worth a few hundred thousand dollars, tops - which is less than the likely uptick in cost the acquiring team would have to guarantee the player in order to secure his rights off of waivers.
Whoever we don't like we will trade them for a 7th rounder. Regardless of performance.
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