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Would you trade....

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wtf is this real life...
This is business everything has a price. But hakeem motherf**king nicks?wtf! weak sauce bra
And this thread has gone where it belongs....... in the s**tter.
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Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
I will say... Willis is Overrated. He doesn't make enough impact plays. Look at the Super Bowl, he didn't do diddly squat. He couldn't cover the Ravens TE and Vonta Leach their FB.

Your insight is appreciated.

Thank you for the heads up, ]]
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Alright .. Put the alcohol down.

Willis straight up for Hakeem Nicks. You crazy.
I think it's crack he's on but he could be drinking too.

The only person im trading Pwilly for is Megatron!
go be a giant fan if u want to be want hakeem nick
So let's trade a future hall of fame linebacker who apparently some here think is overrated for a pick to use on a player that may turn out to be another AJ Jenkins? How about just use the bunch of picks we already have to bring in young talent that can be groomed to take over someday?
Yes, our defense played great with Aldon and Willis but that will not last very long without at least Willis back. He's the captain of the defense.

I just don't get you wanting to trade him for more offensive firepower. We'll have our top offensive playmaker back for the playoffs and we have our running back(s) of the future on the roster. We have I think 11 picks in next years draft and depending on what Baldwin and Patton show we may take at least 2 WR's. Probably even trade up.
Originally posted by Ntournahu82:
My old man and myself have been saying this for the past two years.Seriously you dont win superbowls with two stud middle linebackers. Now just think about this for a moment we trade Willis get a first round pick and second or hell I would take Hakeem Nicks straight up. Now listen to what I am saying with the money that is freed up by trading Willis we are then capable of keeping Iupati and we all know that it starts in the in trench's and letting Iupati go next year is not the right move. I dont care how good they think Looney or Kilgore is they can not replace Iupati. Bowman proved the other night he is could of enough with out willis and having Wilhoite by his side is good enough. I'm not trolling this is for real. your two cents please. and you know walsh would do it. Willis is almost thirty.


You don't trade all pro players at the peak of their careers. As an aside, it is entirely possible to win a Super Bowl with two stud Middle Linebackers. Also, Hakeem Nicks sucks. I wouldn't trade Ray McDonald for Nicks, even if the Giants threw in a bottle of Makers Mark, a box of Apple Jacks, and naked pictures of Mila Kunis.

Just my $0.02.

Hakeem Nicks straight up for Patrick Willis?

May God have mercy on your soul.
Seifert (not Walsh) did this to two players who had peaked (which Willis has not) Craig and Lott. And the error was quickly clear.

I know what Walsh said. But actually when you look at what he did, he did not dump players at their peaks. He simply did not do what the Steelers had done and hang on to them way past their sell by date.

Under current salary cap restrictions, having a core of experienced leaders is more important than ever. Look at the impact of Boldin and the problems not paying him was causing in Baltimore.

Willis stays.
Originally posted by NinerGold39:
Hakeem Nicks straight up for Patrick Willis?

May God have mercy on your soul.

He's not even the Giants best WR (see Victor Cruz)...
Oh and by the way, before you do something like this you make sure you have the long term replacement on your roster.
This was obviously not going to be a popular idea in the forums. Epic Fail noob.
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