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49er S Eric Reid

Originally posted by alburns:
Has athleticism to handle tight ends in the passing game. Possesses the height, vertical and competitive nature to win jump balls.

He can cover TE's and win jump balls? Sold!
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by allhype:
Terrible Pick! He would have been there at 31 FOR SURE! Thought we were gonna get a coverage safety LIKE WE NEED!!! Remember getting Toasted on deep balls last year against Atlanta and Baltimore.

According to who? You? Please don't go citing some s**tty mock drafts that have all been wrong thus far.
This. I'm reading these posts and I'm like, "And how do you know this for sure?" I don't get it. We got a starting safety that we don't have to pay 7 million plus a year too. We still have two second rounders. We still have a third and lots of picks to move up to acquire another pick in the third if we'd like. Makes me wonder though about what they think about Trenton Robinson. If they envision him as a future starter, we could already have our safeties of the future on the team. Not likely, but one can only hope.
I give it an A if we drafted him play SS, but C+ for FS
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
I give it an A if we drafted him play SS, but C+ for FS

Im with this.
this guy is a beast. he can cover, thats already an upgrade over goldson who would let people catch the ball just to hit them. this guy has size, speed and hes excellent in coverage. what if E. Reid=E. Reed??? lol
Who is going to make the Whitner Reid lumber company sign?
From what I read, Reid was the 2nd best S in the draft. Although the position is deep, I believe there was drop in talent after Vaccaro and Reid. He is not strictly an in the box SS. I think he gives us better coverage than Goldson , better speed and can match up against TEs, to help Whitner. Only giving up a 3rd round to move up 13 spots is well worth the pick.
For me, the grade goes up because we didn't draft Margus Hunt...Reid produced for 3 years, was a team captain on a top team in the country, and produced at a high level in the toughest conference in the country. Combine that with his blue-chip athletic ability and I find it harder and harder not to like the pick.
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
I give it an A if we drafted him play SS, but C+ for FS

Im with this.

Niners play their safeties interchangably
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6'2" with 4.4 speed? I like.

now we just need the honey badger
whitner may be a cap casualty. Depends on where they see Reid playing...SS or FS..
With us picking at #31 and having a huge hole at SAFETY and then being able to come away with the 2nd rated safety in the country that played for a great school, Id say we got a great freaking deal with paying a third for him. I love it and love his potential. Hes got great instincts
Love it!!!! Posted on the Cyprien thread about him being the better player and looks like the FO felt the same. This kid is big, strong and a team leader on one of the best Ds in the nation. Perfect fit who can play both safety spots.

Can this fo even cover?
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