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49er S Eric Reid

not pissed.
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No we swapped first round and gave up a 3rd
I LOVE Reid. Being here in SEC country I have seen this kid for three years make plays.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Wow...Reid's stock must have been higher than we thought to require us trading up for him.

He scares me a little bit because of inconsistency. No doubts about his talent and physicality. I pray he's not Taylor Mays.

Stock means NOTHING to Baalke, this is gonna be like the Aldon Smith deal, hopefully it will result in such, too.

I agree with you, bud. Baalke's pedigree has me confident with this pick. I just didn't know Reid was that highly regarded.
should be pretty good
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Very physical, not sure about coverage but there is a reason we traded up.

I can dig it
Only gave up our 1st and a 3rd? This is a great trade. We still have both our 2nd rounders while filling our biggest need.
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Love this guy. I was hoping they would walk away with Reid and Ertz with the first two picks. Looks like it is still possible.
Future Pro Bowler. BOOK IT.

Filled a huge need with a very good N solid player A grade
Like they said on NFL network, we literally can not afford all of these picks and moving up to get him was not bad. We gave up a 3rd for a Safety that our FO thinks is better than any other safety on the board, or who we think is better. Is what it is, and it isn't a bad move. And Floyd doesn't fit our scheme either.
Probably targeting vacarro or Reid...With Vacarro going early it was likely reid was going to go before 31. I'm ok with it
Ok, solid player and should step in day 1 and do well but not sure I get the trade up. We got good value but was someone else targeting him early? I thought he would have been there at 31 or 34. If we felt he was the best safety (or maybe 2nd best) we went and got our guy at a area of great need. Looks like Woodson won't be signing with us.
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Welcome Eric Reid to the 49ers!
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