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OFFICIAL 49ers vs. Redskins Tailgate Thread

Originally posted by theninerfan:
headed to the game tonight with the family.....can I hang out with my fellow niners.... where are we gonna be at..Im familiar with the stadium...

Bus lot. 5pm.
Represent today guys!!!!

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I'm headed to the stadium now!!! I'll be wearing a Kaepernick jersey over my military coat and my brother will be wearing a Willis jersey over a military coat. See you all there!
Ok I'm 20 min out. Town Tavern is on the way too.
Cool. Im here. See u guys soon
Bunch of us waiting here. Wheres the tailgate?
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Town tavern is laaate. I just called them and they're still not here!
We are backed up in traffic but will be there shortly
I'm here now ... Tailgating with the enemy... Cold!!!
Rubs sent me pics.

When I opened them, my phone broke.

Thanks, Amir.

Are there tix available? My wife and I are taking the metro en route.
Originally posted by mkeniner:
Are there tix available? My wife and I are taking the metro en route.

hit up the homeless dudes yelling, "I need tickets!" They're really selling tickets but gotta keep it on the downlow so the cops don't bust them. shhhhhhhh
I meant for the tailgate.
No pics? WTF?
Props to you guys still in the crowd at the end of the game. I can hear you chanting "DEFENSE" when the skins are on offense.
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