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49ers at Seattle..anyone plan to go?

I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this too.

I thought Navy summed it up almost perfectly. I've been to a lot of games in other cities, and Seattle isn't that much different than the rest.

I haven't missed a game here since 97', and there are more of them, and more passionate fans now than years passed. But the opposition gets treated about the same depending on how the visitors act.

I typically always have a handful of visiting fans in my section. I will chat with them if they're cool, and are interested in some chit chat, and if they cheer for their team, and don't talk crap to the fans around them, I have never seen an issue in the 15 years I've been going to games. If they stand up and talk crap then the local fans pretty much incessantly yell at and taunt them until someone is leaving in front of a guy in a yellow jacket.

The bottom line is that this is the same at every stadium in every city I've been to. You see the same thing.

If you want to wear your SF gear, go to a fantastic stadium, and watch a great game, you should have a great time if you're willing to keep a lid on the smack talking.

If you want to go and talk smack, you have to deal with the crap that comes with it. This is no different than anywhere else.

All that being said, and one wild card that changes things somewhat is the game time. I HATE primetime games, especially Monday nighters. The traffic sucks, you get home crazy late, and have to deal with a ton of extra crap than you do with the typical Sunday afternooner (I guess I'm officially an old fuddy duddy). The drawback with this game is it is the home opener, against a division rival, on a Sunday night. This game above most others will have some super alcohol fueled fans, so there will be a much higher than normal percentage of drunks.

Sooooo, there is a chance this could get rowdier than normal, but like I said earlier, 9 times out of 10, if you keep it classy, you'll be treated with class.

If you want to talk crap, be ready for the baggage it comes with.
I have been to my share of games in Seattle, most games have been civil, until last year. Fights were breaking out everywhere. Maybe due to the late start, as Maltz pointed out. But I had a few Seattle fans try to start crap with me, and all I did was walk by while reppin my team. All I will say is stay classy Seattle!!! Win something before you start with the smack talk.
I'm going with clients and some of my management so I will be forced to behave myself. Let's see if the rabid Seahawks fans can do the same.
I'm definitely going, I arranged to attend the first two games of the season (plus the London one of course, that's the easy bit ). At Seattle I'll be low in section 304. Not ideal, but tickets are expensive.

PM me if others are going and want to get together. I'll be on my own, since my brother (who's usually crazy enough like me to fly to the other side of the world to watch a couple of football games) chickened out this year. New girlfriend, you see
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Originally posted by xtm059:
Originally posted by JP49:
Does it really get that bad? I mean some of you write stuff like we are going to be surrounded by hooligans!

I can take the trash talk and all that crap... but wouldn't like to get beaten.

Wear RED get LOUD!!!

bring a fist pack

I guess I might LOL
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
I'm going with clients and some of my management so I will be forced to behave myself. Let's see if the rabid Seahawks fans can do the same.

Make sure to switch the power off if / when the need arises.
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7 days...
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