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PYMWYMI, 2013-2014 Edition (Year 8)

I think the team might falter a bit early in the season. 11-5

We won't lose to Green Bay. They have too many questions with the running game, lost of Jennings, poor defensive secondary, and a very suspect run defense. We will own them for one more game.
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10-6 but those 10 wins are going to have some major scoring from our offense. I think our Defense may be weak early on due to the rookie.
Updated. One day left....

- 98

lol the tie last year made everyone wrong.
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Poll will close at 5 pm PST today.

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15-1 with our only loss coming in week 1 vs GB. That loss has been haunting them all offseason and I think we might overlook them. After the wakeup call we win a tight game against the hawks and roll the rest of the season.

Surprised I didn't see anyone predicting records w/ ties.


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Tie with the Seaturds....away.

No ties, please. Pick again...


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Gotcha, you put me at 14-2 and I like that pick so i'll stick with it. Sorry for not reading the rules.

All predictions up to niners_guy accounted for.

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Chart up. Overwhelmingly positive this year.....
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If we win out we're still good.
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