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Anthony Davis signs five-year contract extension

One down, four to go.

Rosenhaus and Paraag have been getting it done the past two years with the Gore, Bowman and Davis extensions.
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Originally posted by iLL49er:
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great stats about David

Samuel Lam @SamuelYLam 5th April 2013 from TwitLonger

Some Anthony Davis stats to chew on. Did not have holding penalty in 2011. Had one holding penalty in 2012. In 2012, had one tripping call, two unnecessary roughness calls. (His penalty totals, however, have been decreasing every year.) He allowed 30 total sacks in the past three seasons, but in five career playoff games, allowed none. He had seven false starts in 2010. Had four in 2011. Only one last year. Davis has started every game since his rookie year.

i swear he allowed paul kruger to get around him a couple of times for big plays in the superbowl...maybe no sacks but he def got burned by kruger a few times

kruger sacked kaep in the sb in the 2nd quarter and he went around davis for the sack.
I love it! Bam is only 23 and improving. Looks like you were wrong that we couldn't keep him long term Phoenix.

No doubt in my mind Iupati will be extended as well. Keeping our young core together on the Oline long term FTW.
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Yeah, we got to get Iupati signed next.
Happy Day! He's not even full grown. He's in line for another big contract next time. Lock up Iupati next.
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
Where's my cookie? Called this 2 weeks ago.

Great move to get done now.

I remember you saying this, before his value appreciates. SMART move Baalke. This front office is the best bar none.
Davis is 22 I think... and already boarder line elite... Iupati is elite. Gotta lock him up now. Worry about Crabtree after this season when Aldon/Kaep get extended.

I get the feeling Crabtree will want $14-$16M per year and will be tagged once he is a FA.
WHOO HOO ....YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Mike will be extened next
Originally posted by Pillbusta:
This front office is simply killing it this offseason and we still have the draft upon us. We now have both LT and RT shored up for years. I think I'm going to have to beat off at some point today

oh that is funny!
Smart move. Not that expensive in comparison to other deals. Davis will be what 28 at end of contract? Still in prime then to sign big deal.

Originally posted by Mann716:
Sounds like the same lack in patience people has with Jenkins.

Happened with Vernon who was raw, happened with Crabtree, happening with Jenkins and a little bit with James until they found out we needed him last year.
Dude is always in the middle of everything. Love it.

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Baalke and Paraag doing work! me gusta.
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
Crabtree or Iupati next...

Hopefully Iupati. Crabtree can kick rocks. He has never wanted to be a Niner.
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