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The Browns have dealt QB Colt McCoy to the 49ers.

Originally posted by bigmur49:
He is much better than whoever we would have drafted with that pick, and has some experience just in case. Hopefully he never hits the field unless it is mop up duty when we're up by 4 TD's

....Well Said ......Pre -Season is going to be fun , McCoy vs Tolzien is going to be all the rage at training camp
Anytime you can trade a seventh rounder for a quality QB it's a good trade. I know we gave up a fifth rounder too but got back Cleveland's sixth which is pretty much a wash. Good deal.The kid has talent and a decent arm and will have a chance to prove that on a Superbowl calibre team. McCoy has to be feeling like he just won the lottery! Goodbye cold Cleveland and hello warm, sunny San Fran!
good trade, experienced young back up with a point to prove.

Plus a truly awesome name.
I'm good with this trade.
quite a few cleveland beat writers are saying this a great thing for Colt and he got a bad deal last year by not even getting to compete against weeden for the job and that he's was screwed by a horrendous team around him when he played
I'm intriuged by this move. I turst the team on this call. I'm curious who will be the #2. I wonder if this isn't partially designed to push Tolzien.
Originally posted by VA49er:
I'm intriuged by this move. I turst the team on this call. I'm curious who will be the #2. I wonder if this isn't partially designed to push Tolzien.

it obviously is..and why wouldn't it. its all about competition, never lose that edge
Colt started 4 yrs for the HORNS. He played great, and was definitely a gamer, winning a number of games as come from behinds.Does not have the gun Kap does, but is equally as mobile. Is smart qB, learns fast, and is tough.

I like Tolz, but colt is closer to the style of Qb player than is tolz. With no good Qb choices out there, he was a steal, in effect a 7th plus us moving back 6 slots. What i really like about this trade is , if Kap gets injured, colt can come in and run the same offense. Tolz is more of a pocket passer. I love the trade which as suswheel noted, cost us virtually nothing. With JH as HC, he will get colt up to par rapidly.

The big deal? Here is a guy who can come in and win if Kap goes down, Remember, Kap is always just RG3 move away from tearing up a knee. I hope he runs a lot less this yr, but still, the big guy runs when he coulda passed. RG3 brought us all back to reality. Running QBs ultimately get hurt. If that happens, we got a kid who could fill in for Kap seamlessly. Incredible move, trent with no decent qBs out there in later rds....nor in early ones either.
Not a bad signing, but nothing to great either. Colt reminds me of a less talented Alex Smith, so in that sense having him as a backup may keep some continuity in the QB position as they are used to Alex. I would expect they bring in at least more guy to compete; perhaps a later round draft pick?
My guess is harbaugh tried to recruit Colt back in the day.

For some reason this dude reminds me of Tommy Maddox
Originally posted by LottOfDefense:
Originally posted by MILFS:
didn't realize the third part. i love this move.

If the guys signs for vet min or next to nothing, the 9ers get nothing. Since he is the back up, the only way he gets a good contract next year is if Kaep gets hurt. I want no part of a comp pick from McCoy.

1) Boldin likely won't sign for vet minimum elsewhere.
2) McCoy is a QB, so also unlikely to sign for vet minimum.

I'm also not suggesting they will get 3rd round picks for these guys. I'm just saying they gave up a 6 and a 7 and its not unlikely they could get at least a 7 back as a compensatory pick.
Can he play free safety?
I could see Boldin coming back, I see Colt as one and done. Either he does well and signs somewhere else or he doesn't do well and we move on. I don't see a middle ground. That being said I like the value at essentially a 7th.
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He's been a starter before, so if he has to spell Kap, it won't be a total disaster.
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