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Football Gameplan's Inside the War Room - 49ers

Good afternoon Niner fans! Here's my Inside the War Room preview for you guys


I think this would do a lot better in the draft section. I think where you made a mistake is with the teams needs. They need FS help.I think your mock is pretty good is you take into account that you didn't feel they needed safety help.

No way does Ansah falls that far though

Well done tho and nicely put together
Good job - as always a debate.

Your presentations have really improved - keep up the fine work.
amateur hour again

isn't Ansah projected as a top ten pick and you have him going in the second round.
Yeah. I think teams needs really needs to be updated. IMO Eiffert and Ansah will not be there at those picks, especially Ansah.I also don't know if Lattimore would be there in the 5th even though he is injured.Good presentation though.
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