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Ryan Clark show Boldin the love and wishes him a happy goodbye.

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I can think of one guy I want to see Boldin bang with. Wanna guess who?

Does he have a Predator hairdo?
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I still find it hard to believe that the Ravens let Anquan Boldin get away. Now Kaepernick has two receivers he can count on to catch that ball and get the first down. If just one of the other receivers can be counted on to stretch the field along with Davis, we've got ourselves a pretty impressive receiving corp next season.

I think it was a calculated risk. Boldin has been a playmaker, but at 32, he may be on the declining side of his career. The Ravens couldn't afford him with all the holes they'd have to fill across the team - the WR position despite the loss of Boldin isn't (yet) their weakness.

I don't know. Flacco seemed pretty upset. Of course, he's only got himself to blame for any of that.

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Assuming Crabtree progresses from last season, he should be a stud in 2013. I would argue that he attacks the ball and makes tough catches over the middle with the best of them, but would agree that he can learn a lot from Boldin as to how to position himself advantageously over defenders to make receptions in tight quarters. I think having Boldin on this team will do just that, aid Crabtree and Vernon Davis in making those tough catches consistently. He will help us tremendously because all 3 guys have the bodies to do just this


This would be great if he could help the other guys!
How is 32 considered old? Every time I read that I laugh.
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