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Your Favorite 49ers Quarterback

Your Favorite 49ers Quarterback

No Chris Weinke? No vote.
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You should exclude Young and Montana because that's whats everyone is going to pick.

Besides them, it's either Kaepernick or Garcia.

In our dark days, it's Rattay

The shock value will be Montana being picked over.
This shows the age, Steve got the most votes, I figured most people on here never saw Joe play, yet are experts on him, It is natural ego thing," don't want to be left out on something, Ha! Ha!

I grew up watching both Steve and Joe and I loved them both. The question here though is not who we thought was the best, or who won the most championships, but who we liked the best. Joe Cool never got rattled and may be the most accurate quarterback to ever play the game. Watching the passes that he could make was simply amazing. In that same respect no quarterback in that era could extend a play better than Steve could or make something out of nothing the way that he did. So it's all in what style you prefered.
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Steve Stenstrom.
JT SmithO'Drunken-Caramazzi!!!!
Steve Young, he was so exciting to watch and he had the coolest drop back expression.
I was 2 Young to watch Montana so I grew up watching Steve and loved him. One thing I don't get is how people can actually pick Alex Smith over Jeff Garcia???
Garcia Came in from day one and was awsome taking our team to the playoffs and making 3 probowls; I liked Jeff alot; Alex caused us grief for so many years of mediocrity; he had one amazing game; but that's about it; He wont take the Chief's anywhere in that horrible division
Originally posted by Onizuka:
Steve Young, he was so exciting to watch and he had the coolest drop back expression.


I love Steve Young even on ESPN now he is awesome and still a 49er homer.
Now you ALL know that Tim Rattay was the man.....especially in the 4th quarter.
But on the serious... Steve Young and Jeff Garcia are tied for me.
Nate The Great Davis... the greatest Pre-season QB the 49ers ever had. He could read a defense... too bad he couldn't read a playbook lol.

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Giovanni Carmazzi- aka. The Goat Whisperer
Joe Montana was the reason I became a Niner fan. Joe Cool for me!
Trent Dilfer
Joe MONTANA BY 1,000 Miles!!! he's the best the NFL has ever seen, it shouldn't even be allowed to be discussed.
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i liked steve spurrier for about 7 games in 1972 when he took over for brodie, i also liked plunkett for the 1976 season
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