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Grading The Niners Off-Season Thread And Poll

Grading The Niners Off-Season Thread And Poll

Nate Davis of USA Today's Sports Weekly just unleashed out an article on NFL off-season grades in a first look perspective. He gave the Niners a "B". He mentioned that Boldin and Dorsey look like cost-effective additions. He questioned about Craig Dahl and if he can fill Goldson's cleats.

He mentioned under the Seahawks section that the Niners should be worried.

Do you agree with the writer? What grade do you give our Niners?

Up above-choose what grade you think the Niners should get this off-season thus far.
Lets wait till the draft.
how are we grading the off season before it ends?
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Agree its way too early. I give it a C so far with expectations high that it will be A or B before its all said and done. Right now we have a gaping, and I mean gaping hole at FS and i refuse to acknowledge Dahl as an option. Spillman so far is the best option IMO.
as of now i say B
Shouldn't the Alex Smith trade be included. I think we aced that one.
His perspective matches the way I feel today with all the editions the Niners have signed. But in all, B/H (Baalke/Harbaugh) have earned the right to be trusted. There is a bigger picture then a one year wonder, but years to come. Dont misunderstand me, I want nothing more then the Niners taking home the Super Bowl this up coming year, but what if... what if in the next 4 years we could bring home two instead of one. Im not liking all the signing's but some do make since. Boldin will give us that golden hands we needed and Dorsey will give us pass rushing ability in our Nickle package (which we ran like 70 %) last year.
My biggest concern is who will be our Number 1 CB next year and where will we find him. If we can find that shut down corner and moving Rogers to 2nd and so on... then we should have the best secondary in the NFL. But we are missing that one piece, a Shut Down CB. Dont forget how B/H brought in Rogers three years ago and nobody thought he would be capable of doing what he did that year and making the Pro Bowl.

On the coin side, what if the Niners keep what they have but invest in pass heavy rushers to amp up Nickle formation allowing the base 4 to causing havic and do what the Giants have done so well. The Giants didn't have a great secondary, just a group of guys who did there job and not allow the big one screw them. While the front 4 made so much havoc and disrupted the QB which brought home two Super Bowls in 4 years. Dorsey might be that missing piece with J. Smith in piecing together that formidable front four and so far (B/H) have done very well of finding gems in the agency so far. The way I look at it, they are looking for those secondary guys who will come in and do there job, but not at the cost of the whole.

What do you think?
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:


So far...

Alex Trade - A+... Got way more than any fan or media person expected from him. It was either that or cut him and get nothing.

Boldin Trade - A... One of the last picks in the 6th round for Boldin. His price tag isn't too bad either.

Re-signing Ian, Brock, Hastings - B... Brock is nothing more than a 5th CB but had 15 ST tackles last year. He was one of our top ST cover guys. Williams replaces RJF and will play for 3 years for about 4.1 mil compared to RJF at 4 years, 22 mil. Not sure why Hasting sticks around but I guess he is a favorite do good player for us. No potential though.

Dorsey - B... If he can replace Sopoaga who got 4 yrs 12 mil compared to his 2 yrs 6 mil than it's a win. We will see how he does... could be an A, could be a C but no reason to pay Sopoaga who is going downhill and only played 1/3 of the snaps.

Dahl - C... Not that good of a safety but he brings vet experience which we don't have. Good ST leader and try hard guy.. Familiar with NFC West/Rams. Wasn't paid much at 1.6 a season but I would rather have had a 1 year vet min deal.

Phil Dawson - A... Best kicker on the market. He's old but the 1 year deal makes it good.

Cuts (Haralson, Manningham) - A... kept 2 players we need and got them for half the price each.

Skuta - A... Great ST player... could be Costanzo but is more versatile.

Moore - Doesn't Matter... just competition for the 6th WR spot but mostly a ST ace. Might just be camp fodder.

No way we could re-sign our guys that left who made 94 mil with 42 guaranteed. None of them were in our price range. Goldson will hurt but we just couldn't pay him with all our younger players needing to be re-signed in a few years. We upgraded kicker, st cover units, WR, DL stayed about the same at a fraction of the cost. TE can be replaced in the draft but it will take time for a rookie to fill Walker's shoes. FS will be the hardest to replace... will take a rookie time to get even close to filling Goldson's shoes. Because of all the 2014 FA's (crabtree, kap, iupati, anthony, culliver, etc, etc) this offseason so far was about weathering the storm to me. Not necessarily getting better... our guys were hot commodities being in the SB and all... we did what we had to do to weather the storm and now in the draft we can start getting filling the rest of the needs and build for the future. No complaints from me...
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I really like the Dorsey, Boldin, Phil D'Aw'Son, and Alex Smith trade. And I've been expecting Goldson to leave for awhile now. The draft just hinges even more importantly now. We're going to need an impact player at S and solid depth at the d-line.

This was always going to be a big draft off season for the Niners. They've got more picks than any team - five out of the first 100 positions. It's kind of silly to assess their off season when they haven't even gotten to the most important event yet.
Incomplete. It's MARCH for cryin' out loud!!!!
I don't think there's anything wrong with grading the offseason so far.

Think about it: if the Niners have what experts call a "poor" draft, I guarantee you people are just going to be saying, "you can't judge the draft right away! Harbaugh and Baalke know what they're doing, it's not far to judge it until 3-4 years from now!" And it's true -- draft picks are much harder to project than free agent signings, because the latter have a track record in the NFL (that's not to say either is a sure thing though).
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