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Garrett Celek TE. Walker's Replacement?

Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
Here's another guy to replace Delanie...Marcus Davis, has run a 4.38 X40:

I like Davis in late round but ain't he a WR? ?? Thought we're talking TE replacement ????

Walker was a WR coming out of college too.
At 6'3", 233 lbs. He could fill the spot... if he is any good.
Walker was what? 6'0" 240?

Anybody see Marcus Davis play?
Nope, he's still a #3 TE. Let's pick up the most complete TE in the draft imo Tyler Eifert at #31 or #34. Wouldn't be mad if we picked up Ertz there either.....
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Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by DRnSFw:
i assume this has something to do with a tight end?
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Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
Well, 1st a FS, 2nd Ertz or Hunter-Da Rick if there. After that DL, CB, and everyone and many here fav, Marcus Lattimore, after that..a crap shoot.

I will be surprised if the FO doesn't bundle pot of picks to move up and get who they want; more or less. There's just too many picks, let's not wast em on low picks that will never make it..So ya, Ertz if there otherwise form what I've seen Celek is all in and make plays almost every time I've seen his number called; which aint been many..NINERS~!!

Agreed, there is enough picks that Trenbaugh can still keep fresh bodies on the roster to develop AND move up to get an impact player.

As much as I like Boldin as a solid receiver, we need a little more explosive besides Kaep. Crabtree is everything and he could really benefit by having a game changer. I read somewhere that we were in the mix for the Harvin trade, now that could have just been a play to get the Hags to offer more if it was even true, but I'm thinking Jimaalke was looking for a legit speed threat and can find it by moving up. As noted, there are some fast TE's out there, but I firmly believe Celek will be the guy and I don't mind it if we snag a WR.

I also like the idea of integrating LMJ in the mix.