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A interesting trend from the front office

Not to mention two just left (Smith and I assume Ginn)
They search for players that fit the 49ers way, hard working team guys that back each other in every way, that mold together and put the team before themselves. That feel us fans and want it more than us to be champions. They want to be champions!
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We usually go for the old ones with diminished abilities.

Other than Randy Moss who are you talking about?

Braylon Edwards and Brandon Jacobs are considered pretty old for their positions.

Braylon was 28 when we signed him.

Edwards being brought up made me think about Harbaalke's tendency cutting players prematurely. Jacobs would be the perfect weapon on one of those downs near the goal line in the SB this year, and Edwards would have been better than Swain/Hastings in the NFC Championship game last year.
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