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2013 Team Needs - Updates

Originally posted by NCommand:
Here is some more good news on our depth (now and for next year). "One of the reasons why rookies Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial are getting scant playing time: Jerod-Eddie and Demarcus Dobbs are giving the 49ers quality minutes when they are in the game. It will be interesting to see what happens next year when Smith, McDonald, Glenn Dorsey, Ian Williams, Carradine and Dial are all under contract. That's not to mention Lawrence Okoye, who likely will get a futures contract next month. Dobbs is scheduled to be a free agent in March." Read more here:

Great to see our coaches doing good things with our young players so they are ready to get in there when called upon. We just have to upgrade our WR coaches this off-season.

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Originally posted by tohara3:
Great to see our coaches doing good things with our young players so they are ready to get in there when called upon. We just have to upgrade our WR coaches this off-season.

Please! Make it so Harbaugh/Baalke!
Originally posted by tohara3:
Great to see our coaches doing good things with our young players so they are ready to get in there when called upon. We just have to upgrade our WR coaches this off-season.

One of the posters here had a brilliant post about the Harbaugh coaching staff and how we fell victims to "Group Think." Let's pray that we don't run into a brick wall of stubbornness. The worst case scenario would be the mentality that, "we are a running team and we don't need to invest in speed receivers" when in fact that is the one glaring hole on this team.

We need HEAVY investment in team speed at WR and/or trade some of our top picks for an experienced WR.
Morton still needs to go
Morton and Roman (unless he pulls out the Jimmy Raye card and claims he's just calling the plays Harbaugh wants). I see Lockette is back with Seattle.
Great piece on Michael Thomas on ESPN! Congrats kid...
Originally posted by NCommand:
Great piece on Michael Thomas on ESPN! Congrats kid...

Well, time to look at team needs again.

MM starts with the defense:
Left defensive tackle: Ray McDonald. Tank Carradine, a second-round draft pick in 2013, will be expected to get healthy and work his way into the rotation. - Crazy to thiknk how well this unit has been coached up. And we haven't even mentioned Okoye who's had an entire year to learn the game. Sleeper? And no doubt we'll have plenty of later round picks to mold into shape for years to come as well.
Nose tackle: Glenn Dorsey. After the way Dorsey played, it'll be difficult for Ian Williams to regain the starting job he lost when he sustained a season-ending broken ankle in Week 2. - How big was this signing? Many said it would be huge and it was. And no Ian has had a full year to return to health and his drive was already dstrong enough to become our starter from the PS ala Boone-style. Now he'll be even more hungry. Epic. I'd still love to get a wide-body plugger as always for short yardage, goal line stances and against power running teams like Seattle but the coaches are content with 1-gappers.
Right defensive tackle: Justin Smith. He's getting up there in years, but he's still productive. Tony Jerod-Eddie and Quinton Dial will compete for backup roles. Demarcus Dobbs does not figure to be tendered as a restricted free agent, but could re-sign later for a minimum-level deal. - Tank will rotate here as well but TJE came out of nowhere and I'd expect another one like him to emerge this offseason.
Left outside linebacker: Ahmad Brooks. The second-team All-Pro sees his salary drop for a second year in a row. In 2014, his scheduled $5.15 million pay is reduced to $4.25 million due to escalators. - best SAM in the game and Lemonier got a lot of snaps from this spot as well. Skuta as well can play either the SAM or WILL.
Inside linebacker: NaVorro Bowman. He might not be ready for Week 1 after undergoing knee surgery on Tuesday. The 49ers have Bowman wrapped up through the 2018 season, so they can't rush him back. The 49ers feel good about exclusive-rights free agent Michael Wilhoite, who played well in two starts in place of Patrick Willis. Nick Moody is also an option. And, of course, the 49ers could add a player in the offseason. - Wilhoite played well when needed and with extra focus on potentially starting for the first 6 games or so, it's on. No doubt we will most likely bring in a veteran FA as well and a rookie stud to groom. We've now had injuries to Willis and Bowman. The FO will take notice.
Inside linebacker: Patrick Willis. He'll be going for his eighth Pro Bowl in eight seasons. - see above.
Right outside linebacker: Aldon Smith. He is eligible this offseason to sign a contract extension. How the 49ers approach that situation will hinge more on what they feel about his off-field situation than anything they see on the field. During Smith's leave of absence, Dan Skuta (base downs) and Corey Lemonier (nickel situations) filled in and fared well. - with Lemonier and Skuta playing well and a full off season to get healthy, the FO has good leverage to pay Aldon a fair amount with lots of clauses.
Left cornerback: TBD. Rogers could be back with a pay cut. Culliver will certainly get a chance to compete. Perrish Cox and Eric Wright are free agents. And the 49ers will bring back speedster Darryl Morris for his second season. Expect the 49ers to invest a draft pick or two in this position. They might also bring in a bargain veteran free agent. - Culliver is a bad man. I don't care if Rogers does sign for $5.00. Culliver is going to own him and for the first time, we're going to have two physical and aggressive CB's. Morris got on the field some this year and will be even more ready next year to take over the slot of which we WILL need for facing Harvin.
Right cornerback: Tramaine Brock. He seemed to solidify his job as a starter entering 2014 with an impressive eight-game stint as a starter. He led the 49ers with five interceptions in the regular season. - Dude basically came out of nowhere to earn a starting spot. Now he can hone his craft even more. There is little doubt we'll also draft a high CB here and I would not be surprised if that CB is over 6'1" and physical...just say'n.
Free safety: Eric Reid. The 49ers traded up to select him at No. 18 overall to replace Dashon Goldson. It was a wise financial and football move. - this kid earned and was rewarded with a probowl spot but that NFCCG is going to haunt him all off season. That means he's going to be on a tear next year no matter who's playing next to him. He is a student of the game, no doubt.
Strong safety: TBD. Whitner is a free agent who wants to return. But the sides must get together on a contract that works for both sides. Craig Dahl and C.J. Spillman are options behind Whitner. In any event, the 49ers are likely to address this position in the draft. - how many more years are we going to get beat on a critical deep ball late in the playoffs? I love the guy as a true Niner but it's time to let him walk (a year early ala Walsh-style) and bring in that next top S. And I would not be surprised if that S is a Free Safety! Don't be surprised if we also bring a veteran FA as well as insurance ala Dahl.
Time to grade the 2013 Front Office:

Lost (Prior to the season):
WR Marlon Moore – pre season star with deep threat ability to replace Mr. Decoy himself (Randy Moss); rarely saw the field
OLB Jermaine Cunningham – no biggie
CB Marcus Cooper – big loss; tried to sneak him through but ended up having a better year than our own Tramaine Brock. Imagine both starting for us.
QB B.J. Daniels – big loss as he fit well into our offensive system and now fits in great in Seattle
OLB Parys Haralson (Saints) for 7th rounder – no biggie in the end but at the time seemed like a big deal
OLB Cam Johnson (Colts) for 7th rounder – no biggie in the end but at the time seemed like a big deal b/c we developed him
WR AJ Jenkins (traded for WR Jon Baldwin, Chiefs) – no biggie in the end as he did nothing for the Chiefs as well and Baldwin restructured with us and fits our bigger-bodied WR's better and has a full off season to compete now.
QB Alex Smith – win-win for everyone; no longer the dink-and-dunk QB (400+ yards against Indy in the playoffs)
TE Delanie Walker – this was a big loss for us in the interim esp. since we didn't use McDonald at all in the passing game
WR Randy Moss – we probably could have used Mr. Deep Decoy in the beginning of the year but Boldin saved us.
NT Issac Sopoaga – no biggie, even with the loss of RJF as well (both did nothing with their respective teams)
NT Ricky Jean Francois – no biggie
FS Dashon Goldson – no biggie; talk about an addition through subtraction!K David Akers – no biggie; talk about an addition through subtraction!
PR Ted Ginn – this loss hurt not only b/c of his deep speed and versatility (fly sweeps) but as a returner
LB Larry Grant – no biggie thanks to Wilhoite!

Grade: A- or B+. The loss of Ginn and Walker hurt us in the immediate future only and Cooper may have been a loss for quite some time although Brock stood up in his place and we still have Morris. And you're going to lose some in FA, no matter what. But in the end, most losses turned out to be an addition through subtraction or no loss at all. We also had plenty of gains via the draft and we didn't screw ourselves via the cap (see, Goldson). If you're a Superbowl team and these are your only losses, you did a GREAT job!

2014 Draft – 12-13 draft picks; Fantastic job!
2013 Draft Class - all signed, sealed and delivered!; Fantastic job!
OC Greg Roman - through 2015; Jury is still out big time on this guy/Harbaugh! But it did secure some immediate stability.
QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson; Pssst
QB John Skelton: Pssst
OLB Jermaine Cunningham: Pssst
FB Owen Marecic; this may have been a huge gain but we eff'd around with him and it cost us once Miller went down (good job on bringing him in though; poor job on keeping him)
WR Chris Harper; who knows as this guy, like Gray, may have been our next real H-back but he never got a shot
QB Seneca Wallace; brought in only to restructure someone else's contract. LOL
WR Jon Baldwin; the jury is still out but he fits our mold better than Jenkins and did more in one game than Jenkins did his entire stay with us (certainly more upside and a great run blocker)
CB Eric Wright - one year contract; got some playing time and experience and I'd expect him back with us
WR Austin Collie, Charly Martin, Lavelle Hawkins; some of these guys had slot potential and Hawkins appeared to have some skills as a returner as well; worth a look.
TED: Travis Johnson; can never have too much depth at LB (ask Bowman)
RDE Justin Smith - restructures; signed through 2015; huge salary cap relief move. Win-win! Thank you Justin/FO.; genius win-win move for everyone.
P Colton Schmidt - Championship!; pushed Lee who had an off year. Will he be back?
WR Kassim Osgood; maybe our best ST ace and can even catch when needed
OC Assistant Eric Mangini - one year deal; well, he's still with us and now as a TE coach. No clue what he actually contributed to in a positive way.
C Goodwin - reduction $1.2 million in base salary; great move and he should be done now buying Kilgore/Looney another year of development
OT/OG - Adam Snyder - 2-year, $2.45M; we needed him more than we realized; average player who will be pushed this year and most likely cut saving more cap space. Coach Ronald Curry - an offensive assistant; maybe he can help sneak some develop at WR behind Morton's back? LOL
MIKE LB Patrick Willis - restructures deal. The 49ers will move $1.687 million of Willis' scheduled 2013 base salary to a signing bonus, which allows them to spread the cap hit out over the final four years of Willis' deal with the team. Willis' base salary for the 2013 season will now be just $715,000 and it is fully guaranteed; Genius move here as well.
TE Cameron Morrah - 1 year $630K; Carrier may end up being a better long-term fit
OT Anthony Davis - scheduled to make $1.3M this year (signed a 5 year extension worth $37M; 17M Guaranteed); we'll take it!
CB Nnamdi Asomugha - $1.35M (with a chance to make an additional $1.65M); worth the shot but in hindsight, we lost our own big CB in Cooper b/c of him.
QB Colt McCoy - $1.5M per ESPN; well, he didn't have to see the field thank God. Does not fit this offense at all.
S Darcel McBath - $630,000; meh
WR Marlon Moore - $630,000; brought in originally as a deep threat; best WR of pre season and then never used and eventually cut
PK Phil Dawson - $2.25M; genius move esp. given our RZ woes and offensive philosophy
WILL OLB Parys Haralson - $1.3M (with a chance to make $1.7M); restructured and then traded for a 7th.
FS Craig Dahl - $1.783M; insurance and a good ST player; restructured again.
LB/ST Dan Skuta - $1.35M; where did this guy come from. Earned our #3 OLB and a great ST player for the cheap!
NT/DE Glenn Dorsey - $2.2M; turned out to be a genius move once Williams went down.
WR Anquan Boldin - for second 6th rounder @ $6M; looking to restructure a LT deal; easily the best FA pick up in 2013
NT Ian Williams - filling in for RJF @ $888,333; great price for a starting NT who earned his role and will be competing/rotating with Dorsey
CB Tramaine Brock - 1.3M; turned out to be a genius move and is now our clear #1 CB
WR Joe Hasting - $405,000; why?
WR Ricardo Lockette - $480,000 - cut for Seneca Wallace; like Moore, speed never used and ended up in Seattle making a few plays for them in the playoffs.
WR Mario Manningham - restructured his deal, lowering his base salary to $1.8M (they also eliminated his roster and workout bonuses); good restructure for cap space and worth the shot.

Grade: A-. The cap-space moves, in hindsight were genius setting us up big time for the future. Adding additional draft picks for this year (12-13 picks) is tremendous. A- move on these two alone. Then you factor in all the Second Tier FA's we brought in that played CRITICAL roles for us on offense, defense and ST in Osgood, Snyder, Dawson, Dahl, Skuta, Dorsey, Boldin and Brock, it's off the charts. No team got more out of Second Tier FA's then us. While we didn't add a true H-back or deep WR threat (Marecic, Harper, Gray, Baldwin, Moore, Lockette, etc.), clearly, we had them here but didn't use them, develop them or retain them and not retaining a true FB cost us big time in the end. We also didn't upgrade ST in having a dynamic returner or a PK who could consistently kick the ball out of the back of the EZ every time.

2013 Draft:
1. First round (No. 18 overall, from Dallas) FS Eric Reid, LSU
2. Second round (No. 40 overall, from Tennessee): RDE Cornellius "Tank" Carradine, Florida State
3. Second round (No. 55 overall, from Green Bay): TE Vance McDonald, Rice
4. Third round (No. 88 overall, from Green Bay): SAM OLB Corey Lemonier, Auburn
5. Fourth round (No. 128 overall): WR Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech
6. Fourth round (No. 131 overall, compensatory): RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina
7. Fifth round (No. 157 overall, from Indianapolis): LDE Quinton Dial, Alabama
8. Sixth round (No. 180 overall, from Miami): MIKE/TED LB Nick Moody, Florida State
9. Seventh round (No. 237 overall): QB B.J. Daniels, South Florida
10. Seventh round (No. 246 overall, compensatory): LT Carter Bykowski, Iowa State
11. Seventh round (No. 252 overall, compensatory): CB Marcus Cooper, RutgersGrade:

A-. Reid makes this draft an A- out of the gate and he's only going to get better. There is no doubt the coaches put a ton of assignments on McDonald (formations and blocking concentration) and have already said they plan to use him more a receiver next year. Daniels and Cooper (esp.) look to have great carrees…elsewhere. Lemonier got some valuable PT last year and is currently #4. Overall this is an ungraded draft d/t Tank, Dial, Patton, Moody and Lattimore. But if just 1 or 2 of these guys are home runs, this could end up being an epic draft!

Salary Cap: Total: $7.6M under the cap: Per AB:

Grade: A. Is there a better salary cap FO? We went to the Superbowl and barely lost anyone and ended the year still 7.6M under the cap and it's not even debatable anymore, that we are the deepest team in the NFL. We're in even better shape for 2014 with a projected 15M out of the gate with the cap going up over 132M+.
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No fans have grades for our 2013 FO during this off season?

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