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49ers trade for Anquan Boldin

One year rental in my eyes. Good rental. He has beyond lost a step and I don't see them extending him beyond the up coming season. But should be a quality starter.
Originally posted by paulk205:
Where's the speed in our receiver corps? Please don't say Jenkins.

First round pick for Harvin
Sixth round pick for Boldin

I like the value the 49ers received in this trade!
Originally posted by UKNiners:
Awesome. And for nothing, really.

$6 million in cap space
Hellll yeahhhhhh!!!!!! Take that Seahawks!!!!. back at you!!!
baalke has done it again! while seattle overpays for a reciever we get one from the champs for only a 6th LMAO
I still can't believe we got f**king Boldin for just a 6th rounder. He's been such a pain from arizona to baltimore for us, and now we got him for cheap. Amazing trade.

that my was reaction when i saw it on
didnt come cheap...maybe we rework his deal for 3 years
Originally posted by Rathmanator:
I am good with this. Even if he is a one year rental, he is a good receiver and fights for the ball. I was just listening to a comment on the radio that the Niners were second place in the Harvin trade. Once the Seahags worked out the deal for Harvin, it appears the trigger on Boldin was pulled. I have always liked Boldin and I am glad he is coming, but I wish we could have had Harvin rather than Seattle. If the Hags didn't get him, I wouldn't care much, but they did and I had no idea Baalke would be in the race for him. Nice to see us active where we need it though.

hoping the injury bug follows harvin to seattle

tell this isnt big brother looking after little brother though, do we get this kinda deal without the connection.
Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows Re: Anquan Boldin trade: Two sixth-round picks were among the 49ers' draft-day treasure trove. They had Miami's and their own.
The dude is a tight end at this point.. He & Vernon gonna be impossible to stop in the middle of the field!
Sweet trade! Q will do what Moss couldn't !
cant wait for anquan to get physical on richard p***y sherman LOL
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