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Culliver to Safety?

I think this will be a very interesting season for Cully.

He's young and like a lot of young guys makes mistakes with his play and mouth.

IMO, if he took all the flak he got to mind and not to heart he'll have an outstanding season.

It's all about improvement as a person and a player - I wish him well.
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
Yep. Really wanted to tag Goldson (unless he'll take a reasonable deal) and shift him to SS. Trade or cut Whitner to gain back 4 mil on the cap. Slide Culliver to FS and give him the full offseason to sharpen his safety skills of old... and then draft another CB within the first 4 rds of a thick and talented CB class.

Madden-esque? Eh.. perhaps... but a truly viable solution that could easily boost our pass defense.

( or instead of bothering with Goldson... as it seems he is as good as gone.. move Culliver to FS and then draft a top prospect like Swearinger or Reid to battle Spillman for the starting SS job )

Wow, I'd still prefer that. Whitner is ALWAYS matched up on the slot WR's (think Boldin in the RZ) and the TE's. This is a mismatch 100% of the time. How ideal would it have been to have a taller Goldson play SS and cut Whitner altogether like you noted and have Dahl back up Goldson. That should keep Goldson from covering so (deep) much and allow him to play more down hill and closer to the LOS (be more physical). He is taller and could have matched up better IMHO with the slot WR's and TE's in the RZ and those routes are typically seam routes or drop-downs which are easier to cover (not double-moves which he was pwned on last year). Then we draft Reid as the "cover" FS who has speed, range and IQ (work ethic/character). You let him battle the FS spot out with Reid, Spillman and Culliver.

Instead we'll have a rookie FS and a SS (Whitner) who's another year slower, still short and gave up 14 TD's last year (worst in the NFL) including 3 in the Superbowl. To me, the S position remains a big weakness for us (for now) and I feel our CB's will continue to get exposed unless we start playing more physical up at the LOS with guys such as Nnamdi, Culliver and maybe even Cooper. Brown's epic strip, fumble recovery in the Superbowl was also a result of him playing up close at the LOS and being physical.

So we have personnel, scheme (defensive philosophy) and technique as 3 issues back there IMHO.
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