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Top 10 moments at Candlestick Park

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Originally posted by DelCed2486:
Originally posted by cciowa:
there are two games that need to be mentioned over and above the 20 receptions by owens,, one is the 1972 game which clinched the nfc west title , we were down 17-6 to the vikes in the fourth quarter,, john brodie came off the bench, drove the team 99 yards , got a td to gene washington,,, then at the end of the game, drove the team, got a score to dick witcher and held them at the end, I was watching the game on tv on a saturday afternoon and the stick was rocking and rolling. of course we went to dallas the next weekend .. the other was a game a poster mentioned and of course you must include the 1980 game vs the saints when we were down by 28 points, I believe that was the game which started to pave the way for the teams eventual greatness through the next decade and a half.. what the hell how about the 1976 monday night football game when the niners sacked the rams 10 times

Yeah, I kinda figured those 70s teams wouldn't get much love...49ers/Candlestick history didn't start with Walsh & Montana. Even though no SB's, or even playoffs during most of those years, still some great Candlestick moments. I like your idea of the '76 MNF game vs. Rams, I think final score was 16-0...would be great to see some accolades for Hardman, Elam, Hart, & Webb for one of the most dominating front 4 performances I've ever seen.
nice to see some shout outs to the pre montana history of the niners which at times was quite good. i think that 76 team still holds the record to this day for sacks in a single season at 63. that is just amazing. man that team which was 6-1 at one point in time could have been special had people like willie mcgee been able to stay healthy
Too much of an NFL network announcer, and not enough play-by-play from the 49er crew. As 49er fans, we all know what happened. Get the NFL Network announcer to shut his cake hole and turn up Lon Simmons...
The No Punt game against Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills in the mid 90's is one of my top 10 moments.
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