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Penalties: Something to work on for next year.

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The 49ers had 126 penalties for 1,103 yards this season, including the play-offs.

They were ranked 24th in the league with 6.63 penalties a game.

Sixty six penalties were on the offense; sixty on the defense.

To some degree penalties reflect not only on the individual players but also on the coaching staff.

In my estimation unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and pre-snap penalties, and to some extent unnecessary roughness penalties, are an indication that the coaching staff is not doing a good job setting the tone for the team. In addition, Kaepernick was called once for taunting.

Forty six of the team's penalties were pre-snap penalties—thirty two of those on the offense.

Eleven of those were for delay of game. Both Kaepernick and Alex Smith had four. Amp Lee had one. Two were charged to the team, not individual players.

The team had four unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and thirteen unnecessary roughness penalties.

Dashon Goldson was called for unnecessary roughness four times and unsportsmanlike conduct twice. I watched every game, and almost all of these penalties were flat out stupid.

The team leaders were:

C.Culliver 11

T.Brown 10

M.Iupati 10

Ald.Smith 9

A.Brooks 7

D.Goldson 7

J.Staley 6

C.Spillman 6

C.Kaepernick 6

These stats are from
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Far too many penalties this year. PI and the UR are gunna get called because of the nature of the league now. But holding, offsides, false start, illegal formantions, Delay of game are lack of focus and disapline. I'm not sure what the 2011 numbers are, in terms of penalties, but I'm sure they were dramatically lower
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