I know how bummed out you 49er fans are, because I feel the same way. When the game ended all that was left was depression. The thought of starting all over again next year was to much for the mind to process. Were we the better team, yes, should we have won, probably yes. After a day passed thinking becomes clearer. The most important thing to have in the NFL is a quarterback, and we definitely have that. He has two qualities that can't be taught, arm strength and touch. Next is a head coach, which we have and finally a CEO that wants to win (especially with the new stadium opening in 2014). How the team will upgrade will be discussed by us all offseason.

Lastly the game itself, the older and less athletic Raven team Could Not keep up with us in open space. But, 7 yards out they didn't have to be that athletic and their experience factor as an older defense made up for their older legs. They didn't have to run. So my thinking is if we are inside the 5 or outside the 10 to start the series we would have probably punched it in.