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The 49ers suck at situational football, ie 3rd DOWN & REDZONE

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Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
Having doubts and questions about Kaep is not acceptable. Take it back and kneel before him and his 10 games... NAO!!!

Some Niner fans simply seem unable to remove that stick from their rear ends.

Including you.
Take a damn joke dude...seriously.
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Bring back Alex Smith!
Yeah bring him back! Also this has to be week they announce his name on the top 100!
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
The 9ers may have been 15th, in RZ efficiency, but it is still galling to think that neither roman nor coach H had a plan for what happens when we end up on the 10 yd line with 4 downs to score.. Obviously cc's comments ring true. My gut tells me both Coach and roman have a good idea of how to score from the 10 yd line in the SB to win the game now. Sure wish they would have known earlier tho.

We all know it hurts, but it was one fricking series. Yes, it was for the title, but it is not an overwhelming problem that some people are making it out to be. Kaep is very capable of running for scores and throwing for them even from in close. Our stable of RB's is still well stocked and now the Niners have a 2nd TE who apparently has a very good set of hands. There is nothing we can do to change the past. Turn the page, Zoners!
redzone O sucked in the sb, but it was awesome the previous 2 playoff games.
Originally posted by crabman82:
redzone O sucked in the sb, but it was awesome the previous 2 playoff games.

Should have taken more shot at the run...but whatever

Shoulda , woulda, coulda. Next time around it WILL BE. The other thing is that nobody expected us to be in the NFCC game 2 seasons ago, and then not many expected us to be in the SB last yr....with a rook at Qb, in only his 2nd yr in league. This time, OC, HC, QB all know the story and I am not worried about another meltdown if we end up on the 10 yd line in the SB with a minute and a half to score. It'll happen this time.

One thing, however, is that as we have gotten better, so has the rest of the league. There might be two patsies out there, but every team seems better. In the long run, that makes for more interesting football. But it also means that even tho we have gotten better, so have a lot of other teams.....way better. So for the guys pegging us at 14-2, you may be disappointed. Still, this yr in the final game(SB), I don't doubt we have 6 different ways to score, and Coach H and roman will know what to do.
Paso--I won't be sure about the getting better part until games are played. Sometimes good moves do not equal a better team. I really liked the draft and some of the free agent signings, but how will they jell with the vets? That's what makes sports so much fun...and so frustrating!

The main difference I see between teams who can use change effectively is that they do so within a plan that is comprehensive and well thought out. Baalke and Harbaugh have created this and so my guess would be that they will improve the team. By keeping the salaries in line, no exorbitant contracts, they are maintaining the team spirit.

But the whole thing can fall apart so quickly! We've seen that before and no doubt will in the future. It is so darn great to have this team back in the top tier of teams again! Whaahooh! And an improved RZ record will likely happen this year with more experience and better play makers...James, CK, Hunter back, Boldin...good times ahead!

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