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Thank you 49ers!!

There are so much mixed feelings in me right now, Did culliver blow it for us? (Yes) Did coaches have a brain fart on final drive? (Yes) Did refs blow the game? (Hell yes). It is hard to reach the bowl, do I think 9ers can get there again (absolutely) but this is a sad day...Y'all overcame a lot this year ima inner for life better luck next year. I appreciate y'all real talk......
Was looking for a thank you thread. AMAZING season. Proud to be a fan. I don't want to focus on the negative right now. We were right in that game. We have a great coach, great players and we were in it to win it despite getting down 22!!! Could I be prouder of them? sure they could have won the whole thing. However we played a great game. Not perfect but after waiting 18 years to get back to the big dance I'm just so happy that we have a team that is so good and has every legimate reason to hope to be better. Thank you all 49ers for a great season of watching football. It's so much better to quible about why we lost the superbowl than to fret about hte future of the team and what draft pick is going to save us.

Training for next season starts today. Can't wait to see what the next weeks bring as we move Alex Smith (thank you too) into a new place for the first time since he got to SF. Get well Justin Smith, get stronger Aldon Smith, get better Colin Kaepernick. You guys have the world in front of you right now and I know lots of us are all upset but I don't think anyone in the Red and Gold is going anywhere. Let's close out Candlestick in style next year!!

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