Maybe this has already been posted in another thread but after the win on Sunday (hopefully) I think the proper credit needs to be given to those who came before, those who all played a huge part in turning this team around. Baalke and Jim deserve all the kudos for making this machine click but we can't forget the little people. Kawakami had a article on this the other day but it was very short.

Scot McCloughan- Even though to a certain extent he missed on Alex Smith, give hime huge credit for hitting on players like Gore, VD, Crabs and Staley. It was with Scot that the Niners finally started to hit on the majority of 1st rounders they selected. All 4 players (Gore, VD, Crabs and Staley) are all going to play huge roles on Super Sunday. How well they do will probably effect the outcome of the game. For having two defensive coaches during his tenure, Scot gets credit for adding the offense pieces that are in place for Kaep to succeed.

Mike Nolan- A pretty damn good defensive coach should get all the credit in the world for making the defense what it is today. Look at the starting Lineup today on D 6 of the staters were selected when Nolan was in charge. Even Sop became a better player under Nolan. Adding Justin Smith alone is enough to mention Nolan here.

Mike Singletary- The guy was way in over his head as a head coach but we all know he probably changed Vernon's career around. Then there's also the story of what he did to Willis when he was first drafted and how he made Patrick realize that this was a good fit for him. Having Singletary as that authority figure is one of the main reason's Willis on on his was to being a first ballot HOFer. Give his tutelage credit also for turning Bowman and Brooks into hellova players as well.

and let's not forget.....
Jo-Lonn Dunbar- Seriously...That hit whether you liked the change to Kaepernick or not changed the entire season around. Who knows what would have happened had the Niners still had Alex at the helm but chances are, this team would not being playing on Sunday. It's a crappy way for a player to lose his Job but Jim knew what he had waiting in the wings and this was his way to justifiably making the switch. The switch was controversial, but once the players, coaches and the rest of the world saw what Kaep was capable of, there was no turning back.

If the Niners win one on Sunday, the game ball should be shipped to Jo-Lonn's house....Just Kidding!