What are the possibilities that a trade of this magnitude would work.

Alex Smith for Darrelle Revis.

From what I've been reading and watching online that Revis is possibly on his way out of N.Y. Im sure we all can throw darts and land close to why he wouldn't want a contract extension with The Jets. But is it possible for two former 1st round players a suitable trade exchange based on needs or wants. I know if you compare both spread sheets Revis vs Smith... Revis resume is much more seasoned then Smith's marriage's of coaches. But Harbaugh up bring of Smith the last two season's has revamped his career and showed that he is someone to take note of...

Im looking at this as a win win for both teams... Revis is coming off a injury that could stunt his career (which has others) for a player who as shown that he is a top 10 QB last year for a quick transplant. We dont know how Revis injury will develop and to count him out would be retarted (i.e. F. Gore) But it seems that the Jets ether have to restart and draft a QB for grooming, sign from a luke warm agent pool or trade for the best possibly QB... all insight of Revis may walk. The biggest potential hurdle for this to happen is Woody's and Rex's attachments to Revis.

Personally I would love to see this happen for the Red and Gold and if we have room for this growth our defense would become that more venomous to our defensive rivals.

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