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Anybody have any run ins with Falcons fans at the game yesterday? I did.

Originally posted by kray28:
What the hell dude? What is wrong with you?

(directed at Wodwo)

What is wrong with being a great stabber?
Originally posted by TheChozen:
At the game yesterday, I was waiting for my wife to get out of the bathroom so we could find our seats, minding my own business by the way. Anyways, I was watching people walk by seeing how many Niner fans were there and all the sudden I get elbowed in the back by some dude. I turned to see who it was and nobody was there so I whip my head around and see some jerkoff walking by, dude didn't even stop. Another guy saw it and just looked at me and shrugged his head as if saying " I can't believe this guy."

It wasn't like it hurt but dude was acting like a lil b***h. If I hadn't been waiting for my wife, I'd have chased him down and at least ask him what his problem was.

Anyways, I thought it was funny. Anybody else have any interesting interactions with Falcons fans yesterday?

The guy who shrugged his head bumped you. Fooled you.
Originally posted by Wodwo:
I don't recommend doing that unless you're looking for a fight.

Also, if you're going to stab someone on the throat, I suggest a Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife. Hold it in an icepick grip and get them in a headlock, pulling the head back to expose the neck. Stab the knife into the left side of the neck and cut outward, not across.

Quickest and cleanest (for you) method.