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Super Bowl roll call....who's going to New Orleans?

Originally posted by father49er:
How's the drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans?

The drive is about an hour.
I wish. Those of you going enjoy.
How much would the cheapest tix cost?
Originally posted by dhp318:
How much would the cheapest tix cost?

About $1900.00 on stub hub
Originally posted by leakyfausett:
About $1900.00 on stub hub

Me!!!!! Gonna be flying from where I live in jackson, Wyoming and staying at my condo near Tulane
Hopefully driving down from Jersey to see this.
f**k. Transportation + Hotel from SF is going to be as expensive as the tix.
If I won the lottery I would go!
I'm going, prob not going to the actual game but I'll be at someones super bowl party, and i'll go to the nfl expeirence etc..... and I reccoment staying in slidell, kenner hammond or metarie if you can, those are all about 20 mins from NOLA

I am there. Live in Dallas and Southwest tickets to NO are cheap my business partners daughter works for Marriott so lining up a room. Probably will pay the $2500-4000 for a ticket if we don't get one as season ticket holders. Got to go to the '81, 84 SB missed out on the first NO and Miami SB's by that time tickets were not going to long term Niner fans but the corporate fans paying big bucks. IMO lottery is BS marketing to let us believe we have a chance at a SB ticket. He who has the money gets the tickets
Just curious. Looking into Super Bowl packages, flights, bus rides, trains.

Anyone going? Any good ideas to get the best deal possible?
I'm still trying to get tickets below 1000 pounds. With airfare from England and hotel in there, anything more is a bit too much. So far everything on the exchange market is ridiculously priced.
Tickets just to get in go for about $4600 for a pair after fees.

Flying from NYC Friday to Monday is $1100 per ticket. But you can fly Into Jackson Missisiipi for $300 and it's only 2 hours away.
I saw on the news that tickets can be as little as 2000 per, with 300 for hotel, 1300 for round trip flight tickets, plus food would total a little over 4000 technically. So going to the SB by yourself would cost $4000-$5000.

Bill Simmons brought up a good point. He thinks the crowd will be mostly 49ers fans, because of the huge fan base weve built up, and the money in the silicon valley. Plus weve been waiting 18 years to get back. That might give us a little home field advantage.
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