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i don't remember much of this.

thank you alcohol.
For those of you, who remained FAITHFUL these past 18 seasons -- since our last SB appearance -- and, had to deal with
All of your Arrogant friends (that are Cowboy fans), stating they would win another SB before the Niners ... THIS, is for you.
For those of you who cheered for Cody Pickett going from speaial teams to Quoterback in the same game, this is for you.

For those of you who were there for the franchise changing from Eddie Debartolo Jr., to the Yorks, this is for you.
Look. I live in toronto. I couldve quit on this team and nobody wouldve cared or noticed. I stuck through the dennis erikson era, ten years of mediocrity. But i stuck with my team. I know plenty of people that defected and became colts or pats fans. But i didnt. Never thought twice about it. I guess thats why they call us the faithful. I cheered when we only had Gore to cheer about. I stuck by this team when we kept making mental errors game after game. Now its our time to shine again. Enjoy this super bowl birth wether this is your first day as a niner fan or youve been faithful for 50 years. Ive been a fan for over twenty years; i know the San Francisco 49ers dont just play in super bowls, they WIN them.
i remember cheering for cody pickett
All this is for ME!!!!! all those losing seasons, coaches, qb's...etc
For those of you that remember Garrison Hearst breaking his leg on the 1st play from scrimmage against the Falcons in the Divisional round of the playoffs, this is for you!
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For those under 30 (myself included) who have suffered through the 2-14, 4-12, etc years and have been standing here faithful and never experienced the 49ers 80s domination.
For those of you living outside of the bay area and only got to watch one pre season live and the rest you had to follow on a play by play internet graph this is for you.

WOOOOO!!!! Ok this is long but I just need to let it out.

Superbowl. Mother****ing Superbowl.

Frank Gore, Donte Whitner, Carlos Rogers, Justin Smith, Isaac Sopoaga; so many guys on this team who worked their asses off and never got anywhere, so happy for them.

Mostly though, let's talk about Frank the Tank for a second can we? Unbelievable. He fought and fought and fought, never gave up and came up HUGE! What an unbelievable player, let's get him a ring before he hangs it up in the next few years because he blew his knees out even further giving this team every single thing he had.

Kaptain Kap, what a performance. Like I said elsewhere, he's a passer who can run, not a runner who can pass. He showed Atlanta that he isn't a one-trick pony and came up with some huge passes, especially to :

Vernon ****ing Davis. Way to show up! After a rough end of the season he was finding acres of space and making the Falcons pay. No drops, no mental mistakes.

Not a single offside. Are you kidding me?! What a performance by this O-line. We weren't dominant but you can't expect to be every game, especially not on the road against a #1 seed. Kap had time when he needed it and the running lanes were there when we needed them.

How about that defense? Pitching a shut-out in the second half? Hey, Seahakws, anything you can do we can do better! Yet again they figured it out and shut. it. down. I was furious in the first half that the Falcons were passing at will but this defense really shut me up in the second half. What a bounce-back performance.

As for the coaching staff and front office, thank you. Thank you so much and bless your hearts. 3 years ago I never would have thought this day was possible; I am proud to wear my redngold and proud to be a 49er fan. What a season and what a franchise we have put together.

Jed, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Eddie wasn't just emotional because the 49ers are in the SB. He, like I, was emotional because it was YOU who masterminded this. It was YOU who brought in Harbaugh. It was YOU who got the stadium, made the decision on Baalke and gave the reigns to the right people. It was YOU who demanded that our core players get the extensions they wanted. It's YOU who should have the biggest smile on his face tonight.

I really feel like nobody has it better. Nobody could possibly have it better than us right now. We have a young team and arguably the most talented one in the league at that. We have a tremendous coaching staff that wants to be nowhere but here, and we have a fantastic owner who cares only about winning.

To my fellow 49er brothers and sisters, we have one more to go so don't think we've accomplished the final goal yet, but let's savor this day. For those of you who were around in the Arnaz Battle/Kevan Barlow/Tim Rattay days, we've earned it. It happened. It actually ****ing happened.

For those of you who remember ken dorsey this is for you!
For those of you who watched Kwame Harris false start and hold on every other play, this is for you.
For those of you who remember Shaun Hill vs JT O'Sullivan vs Alex Smith this is for you.

For those of you who remember Brandon Lloyd's one-handed catch being the highlight of the season, this is for you.

For those of you who remember Derek Smith being our best line-backer, this is for you.
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