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Congrats Frank: first 100 yard post season rushing game!

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Gore was doin good job and awesome to play for earned the win game last night. He was too good to run and hard work to plays..

buzzb nails it as usual.

Truer words have never been spoken.
He sure looked fresh.

The man is awesome.
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best 9er RB ever.


I agree. No doubt he should be in the HOF.
Its good to see Gore finally be on a good team on a CONSISTENT basis. Hopefully he'll get that ring so he will probably get more recognition especially if he has a good game in the SB!
Big props to both Gore and LMJ last night. Wouldn't of won without their help. O-Line was beyond nasty last night. Best performance I've seen from them in a while. Hope it continues.
My favorite current 49er. Frank Gore is all heart and is the epitome of what a football player should be. Here's to Frank breaking one off in ATL
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
He sure looked fresh.

The man is awesome.

Saw the Saints vs Niners game from last year yesterday morning before heading to the game. I knew after watching Frank run in that game and him saying that he's even fresher this year he was going to bring it and he did. Love that dude.
I think Frank Gore has bought into being the lead RB as opposed to THE running back. It's because of this that I don't expect that much of a drop off over the next 2 seasons.

As for the HOF, Frank Gore is a Hall of Fame player in my eyes, but he's going to be compared to his contemporaries. And many would out Steven Jackson, LT ( a little older but still the same era), Lynch, and Peterson ahead of Gore. Winning a Super Bowl or two would help his cause however. I look at a guy like Gore and now Lynch as proof that the days of having the power back are not gone.
Individual records are great, but they come together as a team. Winning as a team.
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