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Joe Staley: Post -Surgery

Hope you are ok brother. Thanks for gutting it out. You are a damn warrior son!
Awesome game. He's got to be fine. You can't just go out and play the whole damn game vs. clay Matthews and shut him down and be that hurt.
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Joe Staley and Justin Smith pretty much playing with one arm today.
Great stuff. Great effort. You rock Joe. Please don't have this turn into another RG3 story.
Tonight he fought like a champion, like a warrior. JA, I would go to war with you anytime brother.
he had xrays, no break just a bruise, he's fine
I can not believe how some "Fans" doubted about his professionalism in the game against the Rams.

even playing with pain and doing well. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Go Staley. Classy guy.
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Joe Staley played the game of his life tonight. He turned Clay Matthews into the invisible man.
Hats off to this HUGE BEAST!

That injury did something positive to him because he played like Anthony Munoz out there today. He shut Clay Matthews down and made him look like some JUCO flunky for most of the game. I was amazed at his performance, he was all over Matthews, just total dominated the guy all game long.
Troy Aikman: "This offensive line is the envy of every coach in the league"
Who would know better?

I saw A,Davis bring Kaepernick up after the INT
I saw Iupati pull Staley thru the injury before the Half

The game of football is so much simpler when you control the lines. Closest point to the football. . .

get well soon
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get well soon

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