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What was you reaction to the pick 6?

I can't remember which beat writer brought it up, but every turnover this season that Kaep has had he has followed up with points on the next possession. I simply yelled at Kaep to "make it up".
"Oh f**k"
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Calm. We had plenty of time left on the clock.

ya i was calm, wasnt happy but too much game left to worry about one score

Yeah I was unhappy too. I looked at it in two ways at that point:
1. Either he was going to rebound and come back roaring OR
2. He was going to fold under the pressure.

To his credit, he played very nicely from that point forward.
I thought to myself... Niner talk just blew up

RIP niner talk
Bad throw, bad choice, shake it off. Plenty of game left.
I said and I quote" damn it kid settle the hell down, your better than this."

Too early to panic, but I was worried that he could shrug it off on the big stage.
Colin's reaction was more important. He wasn't dejected. I'd say he made up for it.
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Rookie mistake. Knew he'd come back and get the points back.
I was pretty doom-and-gloom. I thought the game was going to be a mess by spotting the Packers 7 and ruining the confidence of a young inexperienced player.... I was wrong.
Joe Buck's reaction is that he jizzed on himself after that pick 6

Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Colin's reaction was more important. He wasn't dejected. I'd say he made up for it.

Agreed. It was great to see Anthony Davis rally by him too.
Amazing stat that I saw this week, which I had in my mind after the pick-6: after every one of Kaep's turnovers this year, he's responded with a FG or TD on the next drive. And wow, did that continue.
I didnt care one ounce, but I s**t a brick 5 minutes later when James Jones caught that prayer from Rodgers throwing off his back foot
I motherf**ked him up and down, called him a bumb, and a few other choice words and just hoped we bounfe bafk and tie it up quickly.
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Here comes Oldman49er to complain
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