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We're going to kill them.
I think we play cover two to give help on the big WR's and count on Willis and bowman to cover Gonzalez. That gives us 4-5 rushers. For our defense the formula is simple.
Seeing Pete Carroll crying like a f*g on the sidelines made my week complete. Excellent. Love to see them take a heartbreaking loss like that. Effing sweet.
Boom! I hope Seattle crashes horrible next year and Wilson ends up being the biggest flop
When we are on offense the falcons have had some extra work on the pistol and QB keepers but bass on the way Wilson threw all over the field I think we can really do anything we want this week.
Don't think ATL will play all man-to-man after watching the tape, but the Falcons are the type of team that we are build to win against.
Russel Wilson ran LOOSE this afternoon. Can you imagine what CK will do???? I'd rather play a semi-shaken Falcon team than an amazingly surging Seahawks club!

Seahag fans= Brilliant
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Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Originally posted by SFTifoso:
Revenge for 97. I hope someone on our team does the dirty bird dance.

Originally posted by SFTifoso:
Game is at 11 AM better start giving the guys wake up calls.


i just got a notification saying its at 3 EST
Atlanta is going to be emotionally drained after this game. That combined with we're the better team, we're going to kill these fools!!

Has anyone been watching the Falcons this year? Is their pass rush as non existent as it seemed today?
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Originally posted by WashDCNinerFan:
Stop ATL running game and there is no way Matt Ryan can beat us.

Clemens injury hurt Hawks D today. They coudn't get to Ryan. We have J Smith back so we should be able to pressure Matty Ice.
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double post
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we gonna eviscerate Mike NoWin's gassed defense
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