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switch to a 4-3

we have stacked awesome linebackers and were monsters against the run. if its not broke, dont fix it
I'd rather run a big nickel on every defensive play
Can we make Nate Clements SS?
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Can we make Nate Clements SS?

He's available!!
Big nickle ftw
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Can we make Nate Clements SS?

Make Manny Lawson to Safety.

Also, make Taylor Mays to OLB.
Originally posted by DVDA:
Originally posted by 9erred:
Please make it stop. As mentioned before, the Niners are a 4-3 defense the majority of the snaps, just their base defense to start is a 3-4. If you have players for a 3-4 they can play a 4-3.

With the league going to a passing league, the Niners are in a 4-3 on all dime packages and sometimes on nickel packages.

With the starting NT's going down, the 4-3 defense will be utilized 70% of the time just as it was last year.

Aldon Smith used to play the elephant position (charles haley) of the 3-4 or hybrid 4-3. No Lemonoir plays the elephant position.

You don't know what you're talking about if you say the 49ers are in a 4-3 on all dime packages. Maybe you are trying to say they use four man fronts a lot but it is impossible to be in a 4-3 defense and a dime package at the same time.

The 4-3 is a base defense that has 4 linemen, 3 linebackers, and 4 defensive backs. A dime defense has 6 defensive backs. The most basic dime defense has 4 linemen, 1 linebacker, and 6 defensive backs.

It is all semantics, which you understand. It is like when draft gurus call a guy a 5 technique, or a 3 technique, if a DL is a good player they can play multiple positions. The Niners let Isaac Sopoaga go because he play slightly less than 30% of the plays. THUS meaning any NT this year (Williams or Dorsey, Dial) probably would play 3 out of 10 downs. As Mike Nolan would say, no one runs a TRUE 3-4 or 4-3, it is about hybrid defenses.

The Niners want their best players on the field, which is 2 ilb's and 2 olb's. On passing downs the chess piece is the quarterback does not know who will rush, Cory Lemonoir or Brooks. This give the defense the element of surprise.

Now if the Niners had a STUD NT like Hali Ngata, they would probably run the true 3-4 with a NT more often and the stud NT's can also rush the passer.

I think Ian Williams is more of a plugger, and I did see the defense improve when a healthy Dorsey was in, as he is a run stuffer and has pass rush ability.
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starting to wonder if people ever actually played football in their lives or just play too much madden LOL

Originally posted by verb1der:
I'm a retired backyard tackle football player, and an All-Madden level gamer. whuuut!

Originally posted by verb1der:
How bout let's try the "Wide 9" thing!

Originally posted by darkknight49:
Every year someone thinks it's a valid argument.

No. This thread went well. Lol. Up next on the gire too old?!?!
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Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
"i know we like to discuss this every year.."


no we don't

Some bodies do; it comes up every year.
Why even ask this? We run way more 4-2-5 than the 3-4 anyway.

Lord God,
we need to switch against a physical team like seattle , we need a four man pass rush
You might be on to something. But I'm not sure how easy it is to switch from a 3/4 to 4/3 for one game of the season.
In a 3-4 we rush with 4 men usually but the opponent doesn't know where the 4th man will come from. Big advantage.
Finally, the glasses for the refs arrived. Nice done, AB81.
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