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switch to a 4-3

Every year someone thinks it's a valid argument.
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Nah ...we ok with the 3-4 .... we DO have the players that can put pressure on the QB as edge rushers ...but we can use them in our nickel and dime packages
I'll just put full faith and trust in Vic's opinion.
How bout let's try the "Wide 9" thing!
For this next game it wouldn't be a bad idea.
starting to wonder if people ever actually played football in their lives or just play too much madden LOL
Originally posted by MannySoopa49ersnMD:
starting to wonder if people ever actually played football in their lives or just play too much madden LOL

I'm a retired backyard tackle football player, and an All-Madden level gamer. whuuut!
A true 4-3 does not actually protect us. It would have 4 defensive lineman on the field. While we do regularly have 4 man fronts, the 4th is always a LB, who doesnt always rush the passer. They are routinely dropping into coverage. I always feel that having our 4 LBs on the field is the best option except for obvious passing situations. I would like to see us doing a bit more rotating on the front. My general feeling is that we dont do much disguising so that both the offense will feel we are dictating run/pass. This is to say, Here is our base pkg in early downs, we expect you to run. and the offense says this is a good front to run against. We then expect our guys to go out there and make plays. We have just gotten into trouble in two games because we didnt play the run out of our base D very well. I think if we face another team that begins to run against our base d, you will see Reid and 'Hitner' having to play very tough roles, of being part of the run stopping game, and being prepared to get into coverage.

All that said I have these thoughts on the D.
1. Reid for DEF ROY.
2. Lemonier is really coming on strong, I think he can turn out to be quite good, which is very helpful because...
3. I think Aldon is done for this year. I hope he gets his crapola together.
4. I'm hoping that the 'less strenuous' practice schedule will give our DL some more energy for games. The cramping and hamstring problems are evidence that they might not be ready/capable of the reps they are getting.
5. I really hope that Dial and Carradine can contribute, even if its for special pkgs, in special situations, or just eat up plays to give the starters a breather without getting destroyed.
6. Lastly, the best def is a good offense. More playmakers to keep the chains going and keep the D off the field all together.
So with all our injuries on the d line, you bring this up now? Not a chance.

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Originally posted by 9erred:
Please make it stop. As mentioned before, the Niners are a 4-3 defense the majority of the snaps, just their base defense to start is a 3-4. If you have players for a 3-4 they can play a 4-3.

With the league going to a passing league, the Niners are in a 4-3 on all dime packages and sometimes on nickel packages.

With the starting NT's going down, the 4-3 defense will be utilized 70% of the time just as it was last year.

Aldon Smith used to play the elephant position (charles haley) of the 3-4 or hybrid 4-3. No Lemonoir plays the elephant position.

You don't know what you're talking about if you say the 49ers are in a 4-3 on all dime packages. Maybe you are trying to say they use four man fronts a lot but it is impossible to be in a 4-3 defense and a dime package at the same time.

The 4-3 is a base defense that has 4 linemen, 3 linebackers, and 4 defensive backs. A dime defense has 6 defensive backs. The most basic dime defense has 4 linemen, 1 linebacker, and 6 defensive backs.
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We do not run a 4-3 defense in nickel packages. We run a 4-2-5. Dime would be 4-1-6.

We have huge money invested in our 4 linebackers. It is essential that the defense operates off of their strengths, which is why we run a 34
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"i know we like to discuss this every year.."


no we don't

Originally posted by darkknight49:
Every year someone thinks it's a valid argument.

And? You suggest doing the same thing every year because that's how it's been done? Evolving is kind of essential in everything.
Hell NO!
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