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I agree with the sentiments of your original point, but there is a HUGE difference between throwing a $100 NFL football into the stands than a $15 MLB baseball that teams have hundreds of on site at all times.

Oh yes the owners who sign players to contracts worth millions of dollars will go bankrupt if some of their players toss a 100$ football into the stands.
I'm sorry but your argument is not valid.

Ok, but let's get one thing straight. $100 is what we, the suckers, pay for a ball. It probably costs $5 to manufacture and the NFL gets them for maybe $20. Don't quote my numbers, just get my point.

Also, the NFL doesn't even keep and re-use the footballs. They break in new footballs EVERY GAME.

Ok. Where do all these balls go after they are used in one game? It must be thousands of balls a year for the entire league.

not taking sides, but don't they sell the game used balls to the fans?

I honestly didn't know. But it makes sense. For PROFIT