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2012 game of the year ?

2012 game of the year ?

The Pats game was likely the better win, but I think the win in Lambeau was the better game.
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Shouldn't we wait until after we win the Super Bowl(Yeah I said it ) to vote for a game of the year? Or is this just regular season game of the year?

super bowl is in 2013

Then we should give some credit to the Saints game in the divisional round, right?
Nobody gave the Niners any chance of winning in Foxborough in December, because it hasn't happened for years. That's the most surprising game of the year and one of the most exciting.
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It was close between the victory in NE and defeating GB, both were away games. But in the end, I enjoyed ending NE's December win streak and seeing Brady frustrated most of the game.

Had to be the Green Bay game IN Lambeau. It was a division game that ended up giving us the #2 seed and set the tone for the year - the "statement" game and the start of a tough stretch of games. Plus we absolutely dominated them in all three phases even WITH the refs pulling their Seattle-like homefield advantage B.S. calls.

And when was the last time we beat GB in GB? Exactly...

Pats would be second but it had already been proven that the Pats had enormous problems with NFC West teams (Tards, Hawks and Niners all beat them).
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GB because that was the last glimpse of a great David Akers this a serious question? Divisional win against Saints. And nothing else is close.
GB has been our Achilles heel since the early 90s.

Definitely the GB win AT Lambeau in the season opener.
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I'm definitely gonna say the win in Lambeau. We have never won there in over 20 years and to win there was epic.
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I'm definitely gonna say the win in Lambeau. We have never won there in over 20 years and to win there was epic.

With Alex Smith doe

The win against the Saints in the playoffs obviously.

If you're only talking about this season, then it is the win in GB easily. The NE game is tainted by the defensive collapse in the second half and the fact that Kap was the QB.
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Loved that we partook in the destroying of Belly Chick and his ensemble of Cheaterz !!! Loved every dam minute of it and on top of that CK was doing it?!!! I dam near lost my mind!!!! Moss td!!!! Completely lost it!!!!!
Can't beat winning in NE late in the year!
Green Bay imo. I would say New England if it wasnt so lopsided 3 quarters of the game and then let them come all the way back.
Patriots game, slight edge over Packers win.

wow those are two amazing wins by the way
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