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Week 17: Thoughts after rewatching the game...

Originally posted by natrone06:
A couple points....

Vernons lack of production started three games prior to Ck being the starting qb.

Since Ck has become the starter he has the 2nd most completions over 25 yards of any qb in the lg.

Anyone else getting more and more excited about Lamichael James?

Good read, Akers kicks seem to be like lazy fly balls. If he gets cut it's going to be early in the bye week. I don't trust him. Let's hope Justin pulls a Willis Reed and comes out to play. If he pulls it off, he becomes the stuff of legends. As far as A.J. please make A Play. Thanks Marvin49.
AJ Jenkins needs to get his head out of his arse.

Alex Smith went in because Harbaugh wanted no injuries to his starters. Aldon Smith, Willis and others got breathers at the end.

Kaepernick is the real deal.. Anytime a qb is a winner from day one of starting (with no excuses, they are the real deal).

Moss needs to attack the ball more.

Delanie Walker needs to catch 100 balls a day to work on eye hand coordination (or more than 100).

Frank Gore needs to put his body in the ice tub, the parabolic chamber, in a black no contact jersey for the next two weeks. We need himn fresh......

Ted Ginn needs to learn that he is standing on the 20 yard line, not the ten.......

The FO and Akers have a luxury week to iron out the kicking game.
Based on what Harbaugh said at his presser today, sounds like they might sign a kicker to take Brandon Jacojbs spot, then let him compete with Akers for the right to suit up and play.
Great breakdown as usual Marv.

U know i was smiling cuz u couldnt shy away from the Smith comparison when talking about Kaep huh. lol

At least u know it's all in good fun and i have to say u were almost spot on with a lot as usual.

1. Kaep can ball, just as simple as that. And I think by now, and actually a few weeks ago, the zone almost 99.9% accepted the move. Thats the only issue i have with that. Is that, i dont think it was a question if whether or not a lot accepted the change. Because we had to deal with it like it or not. It was the fact that it happened when it did. He had some good throws, some bad, good plays some bad. Pretty even keel on yesterdays game. So congrats to Kaep, crabs, and the O for puttin points on the board.

2. Well at least we can put the rumors around if the running game is staggering a bit because of the new QB. Answer isnt as simple, but it's 50-50 in my book. Gore came out and said he has to think more and cant just hit the whole, so that in turn brings an extra issue in before hitting the hole. Just fact, but not bad in the sense of, they try to compensate for his lack of production with runs by hunter before injury, james now, and above all Kaep. So while Gore's personal yards may lessen theirs definitely increase or try to make up for lost production. *******ON a side note, i hope Hunter comes back and tears it up, becasue the way James is playing, Hunter could be (Smithed next year), lol.

3. Crabs has arrived. Well let me say for this season. It took him a while to get to where he is now. And this is his first 1000yd season. So i expect even more or at the minimum 1000yds at the least next year.

4. Justin, Aldon, entire defense---- Justin Smith said it best, "WE need to win now, not worry about the future or next year, because none of us know where we are gonna be in the future". Most truest saying of the year, and the only thing that lets me feel if we dont win it now, it may be a while till we get back;
a. Most of the teams in are division will be tougher next year. This is probably the easiest we'll have it in our division.
b. Since Kaeppo is the QB, he is still doing some things that people havent seen on tape, and he's still growing. You can only be the rookie once, so this is his
rookie debut IMHO, and use that to his advantage, cuz next year may not be as easy.
c. Justin Smith almost never misses a game, now he has an injury that will require surgery. Who knows how he will bounce back and even with P. Willy, and a few others. I look at those like the Ray lewis's. Will ball out till your in a wheel chair, but there will be a time, where that motor will slow down a bit. Not saying when, but for the Goodwin, Smith's and a few others. the years are catching up.

5. VD.... it's much more than this lately. i think he's really been going thru a lot this year, and actually a little more mentally than physically. Now this is juuuust my opinion. Yes he started to decline a bit with Smith at QB. But i think after the QB switch it bothered him the most on O. Smith's lighter passes. Kaep's gun's.
Smith usually lobbed it perfectly where he could have that little jump, then blow by defenders and thats it. Because kaeps lobbs are faster, the turnover time from jumping catch to first move is almost sudden. Meaning because of the way VD catches, which we all know is more body than hands. He'll get hit faster as we've seen lately cuz the ball, why on the money from both QB's, Kaeps gets there soo fast, that he hasnt adjusted to knowing he cant catch kaeps balls the same way.
Maybe why Walker has developed a better rapport, because not only in practice, but besides the drops, wasnt it said a few years back that Walker had better hands than Davis. (i thought we said that anyway)

6. Overall, i take these last two games serious. In seattle, the literally loudest place in the nfl, we couldnt do it as a team on O, defense, or special teams. the only td we scored was in garbage time. Mass confusion, audibles that go nowhere, defense not being able to make a stop, then when the O does get the ball, and good call is played nothing..... then against ari. at home. better enviornment, we have the crowd, everything is in our favor, and we win. So the tale of two evils in both games that we needed. Yes it worked out and we have the second bye. But that dont change the fact that we played horrible in seattle, then was almost dormant the first half of the Arizona game.

We have an extra week off, but this season, please correct me if im wrong. Why did it seem that we came out less focused than before we went into the break. Thats what worries me. But Hell yeah we won, and i cant wait till we play again. Go Niners.
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After watching the last few games, here are my .02:

. LMJ is very shifty and explosive. Why don't we throw the ball to him more coming out of the backfield (like how Bill Walsh used Roger Craig?)
. The pocket is rarely intact for more than a couple of seconds for Kaep to make a throw. Couple that with the fact that he can throw well on the run, we should let CK do more QB rollouts? These plays change the launch points and may give receivers more time to get open.
. I think we re-signed Eric Bakhtiari recently. This guy really impressed me in the pre-season with his pass-rushing skills. It may be a crazy idea, but how about bringing him in on obvious passing downs to help our pass rush, which has not been there the past few games?
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I enjoy reading your posts after the game Marvin, they're always level headed and a good analysis :)

I've made a few posts on the O-line, I think that is our real weakness that has impacted Kaep and Alex - neither QB is getting reliable pass protection long enough to allow them to actually find an open receiver.

We now need to start throwing in more blitzes with Justin out to pressure the opposing QB - I think Roman and Fangio have been slow to adapt and mix things up on the play calling.

That aside, the Cards came to play and they have a good D if nothing spectacular - it was a good confidence boosting win for the team and we can now heal up on the bye and make sure we're focused for the first play off game.
Lamichael is going to be good. Kaepernick(ive decided its too early to tell) but i think this: what i didnt like in alexs game Kaep possesses and what i liked in Alexs game kaep lacks. Who knows what will happen(after this season why should i be confident), as long as we win our home game Ill be happy ^%&^% WHY DID I SAY THAT.. two championship losses in the eyes of the nfl is a failure WE HAVE TO GO TO THE SB THIS YEAR
Thoughts after the game:

We're good.
What is the name of the song they play at candlestick after first downs? I was just curious as it has some bump.

Originally posted by 49erGator:
What is the name of the song they play at candlestick after first downs? I was just curious as it has some bump.

Dont quote me but I think it depends on who got the first down. Its Billy Jean for Michael Crabtree, Call Me Maybe for Vernon Davis and on D Pat Willis I think uses In the Air Tonight.
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Dont quote me but I think it depends on who got the first down. Its Billy Jean for Michael Crabtree, Call Me Maybe for Vernon Davis and on D Pat Willis I think uses In the Air Tonight.

why does VD have call me maybe?
LMJ is just itching to have a breakout game. Dudes going to be good.
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Dont quote me but I think it depends on who got the first down. Its Billy Jean for Michael Crabtree, Call Me Maybe for Vernon Davis and on D Pat Willis I think uses In the Air Tonight.

why does VD have call me maybe?

I never realized that song was for him, but I do remember hearing it. Maybe it's because he isn't making a lot of plays as of late. The billy jean for Crabtree is dope. I like it.

They use the duracell sound when Willis makes a tackle, too.
It was specifically the last game vs Arizona. I heard it a couple of times and one of them was after the James big run. Wasn't any of the ones you listed.
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