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2013 opponents

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
2011: played @ Det, vs TB and all NFCE
2012: played @ NO, vs NYG and all NFCN
2013: will play @ WAS, vs GB and all NFCS

I think it's all arbitrary TBPH...the location of the game where the corresponding placed team from the NFC division where we play all 4 teams might influence which team is played in the other home game but I doubt it, or maybe it's based on who won the previous years meeting if two division matching teams play again the following season (we beat the pack this year in lambeau, therefore they have to play in the stick next year)

whaaaat??? no Giants
Originally posted by 49erfrick:
whaaaat??? no Giants

They didn't win their division doe
Whoever complained about going to NO again, the two games before were at home for the epic playoff game and the 2010 regular season game, both at candlestick (went to both!). Not to mention the last 3 times we played the Giants was at candlestick park. I really don't know how home/away games are determined for those games.
Originally posted by Willisfn4life:
We have to travel to New Orleans again, what kind of bs is that?

It's all based on a formula. This is our year to play the NFC South. We played them this year because we were on the rotating basis of playing 1 division opponent that finished with the same spot in the division as us. You do that with 2 teams(1 from each rotating division) so that's why you see a lot of the bad teams getting easier schedules. So you finish 4th in the division you play the other team that finished 4th. Finish 1st play the team that finished 1st.

So 3 home, 3 away with our division = 6
4 NFC Teams from 1 division = 4 (rotates every year... ex: east, north, south, east, north south... home/away rotates as well so you play them once every 4 yrs and it's 8 years between playing them at home and on the road so 2002 home 2006 road 2010 home
4 AFC Teams from 1 division = 4 (same as above)
2 teams that finishes in same spot in their division as you (rotating)

So no bias in who we play but there is a schedule maker who decides what week you play who and what time. He spends a long time on it and will take feedback. Jim said he didn't want to be schedule for a cross country thursday night game again. I notice now days a lot more 3 in a row at home though. Use to be home, away, home away a lot more. Now you will have a lot of 2 and 2's and once in awhile 3 in a row. Don't see 3 on the road very often at all so that's good. P.S. Don't think the playoffs have anything to do with it so you might play someone on the road in the playoffs and it might make it 3 straight but that playoff game is just the way it works out.
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As for our prime time games I expect 5 unless you win the SB you get 6 (opening thursday at home). I think at least 1 seattle game will be prime time if not 2. Other options for prime time are GB, at Saints, Texans, Falcons. Outside shot with at Redskins, Colts, Panthers and at Bucs
looks like a brutal schedule
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
I hope we open the season on thursday at home if you know what i mean

To play the SB winner?
finally GB comes to the 'stick
Dang I was hoping for us to play at indy!!!

The obvious pre-London road game is Washington.
Depending on the actual schedule, I see three or four games in my future. The Jacksonville one obviously since it's where I live (London, not Jacksonville ), and then either @Seattle back to back with a home game, or a home game back-to-back with @Wasington. Hopefully those away games won't be scheduled late in the year as I dislike cold weather. But I definitely will travel to SF again this year, if only to say farewell to the old dump (Candlestick, not the city!!! )
Originally posted by Willisfn4life:
Originally posted by 228niner:
I love it! Didn't get to make the game this year, but I will DEFINITELY be there next year

Yeah I am glad their coming to Washington. I'll get to see them. It sucks being an East Coast fan. I can only see our boys when their in Carolina, Washington, Baltimore, or something within a reasonable reach to VA.

ha I"m down in mobile, AL so I'm willing to go to either New Orleans of course, Atlanta or Jacksonville
Originally posted by Amir:
Originally posted by gavindirishmen:
Kaep against Luck and RGIII next year. HELL YEAH!


East coast will rep the niners well like we did last year.

rubber/janitor/cwilson/ncninerfan.......ITS GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know thisssssssss MAN!
Originally posted by captveg:
The obvious pre-London road game is Washington.

Or Tampa Bay
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